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12 Books worth looking forward to in 2012!

2 Jan

A new year for some, is like a checkpoint, a pit stop created to help them to look back, assess, review, derive conclusions and redraw plans and blueprints to chart their next year or beyond. To sum it up, Resolutions. One of the many common resolutions I know of is ‘This year I will take up reading seriously, I will take out more time from my oh-so busy schedule of doing nothing and eating to read.’  So this is me helping you to keep atleast one of your resolutions.

I have tried to compile a list of books I am looking forward to releasing in the year 2012. So read on… Continue reading


10 Things you need to know about Windows 8!

14 Dec

Windows 8 is looming large. Microsoft, one of the largest Software making companies in the world will be coming out with a new version of the largest selling computer OS in the world. Windows.

Now Microsoft is ready with Windows 8! Almost anyway. You will begin seeing Windows 8 tablets and laptops all around you by the end of 2012 if not before. But do you know what to expect from Microsoft’s new flagship software? In many ways than one, Microsoft is banking on popularity of Windows on computers to push their Mobile Markets too. Do you know what similarities can be found between Windows Phone 7.5 (mango) and Windows 8? Here I have tried to compile a basic list of 10 things you need to know about Windows 8! Continue reading

The Sony Ericsson Affair!

2 Dec

Its easy to get lost in today’s exploding mobile handsets market, this applies to both consumers and companies alike. Yet its quite alarming to see a company which bears the name of two technological powerhouses “Sony” as well as “Ericcson” lose its way. When I myself was asked to advice an Android phone, never once did a SonyEricsson (SE) phone come to my mind. In any price segment that is. There is always a better phone around, either by ever-present Samsung or by impressive HTC or the recently emerging Motorola etc. It seems all the other companies have a better portfolio of phones than SE. Now how did a company of such magnitude lose so much ground? Continue reading

Palitana : A Pilgrimage

26 Nov

When i first confronted the idea of going to Palitana (60 kms from Bhavnagar, Gujarat), I was skeptical and apprehensive to say the least. My exams just got over last week and to be honest I was in no mood to visit temples. But due to circumstances beyond my control (read : parental pressure) I had to give in and make the trip.

For those of you who do not know, Palitana is a Jain pilgrimage of sorts. At the top of the mountain lies a huge sacred temple of First Tirthankar Adinathji. You have to climb around 10 kms or around 4300 steps to reach the top, choose whichever stat that makes you happier sitting in that chair. En route you come across many many other temples too.

But now that am back to Bombay with my sore back and legs I am glad I made the trip. Though I am not big on Temples and Religion, climbing so much in itself was a challenge I looked forward to. My cousins and I managed to do the climbing barefoot, less because of the religious angle, moreso because of the crazy “Lets do this!”.

The atmosphere after you reach the top is brilliant. The feeling of overcoming the climb and exhaustion is taken over by the sheer awe and the magnificence all around you. Almost all the temples take your breath away. Sheer architecture and scale of things makes the whole climb worth it. All in all these were a couple of days to remember. In the process I got to check out a new town and their market, also a special drink “Goti Soda”. I am going to stop the talking now. Enjoy the pictures : )

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Tushar Chhajed believes Chelsea’s and his time will come. On the Verge, literally.

NH7 Weekender Day 1 and 2 : Preview!

20 Nov

All photos have been clicked by Yatin Dabhi. You can follow him on Twitter

Now with so many people holding their breaths for some NH7 action, we are going to give them a reprieve. Here are some sneak peek pictures of the madness and epicness that is NH7 Weekender here at “Magarrrpaatta” in Pune. A drunk friend helped us out in lending his photos for now. Ours as you know would require extensive post-processing. Pictures …. hit on continue reading Continue reading