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12 Books worth looking forward to in 2012!

2 Jan

A new year for some, is like a checkpoint, a pit stop created to help them to look back, assess, review, derive conclusions and redraw plans and blueprints to chart their next year or beyond. To sum it up, Resolutions. One of the many common resolutions I know of is ‘This year I will take up reading seriously, I will take out more time from my oh-so busy schedule of doing nothing and eating to read.’  So this is me helping you to keep atleast one of your resolutions.

I have tried to compile a list of books I am looking forward to releasing in the year 2012. So read on… Continue reading


Book review: Death in Mumbai by Meenal Baghel

15 Dec

Sosha is the newest member of the team. This is a post taken from her personal blog

“The perfect crime lies not in the execution, but in the cover-up.”

-Meenal Baghel

It’ll take all of a few clicks on the Internet to acquaint oneself with the Neeraj Grover murder case. But devil lies in details, and it suffices to say that author Meenal Baghel has pulled the devil out right by its horns. Simply put, one early morning of May 2008, a jealous Emile Jerome snuffed out Neeraj Grover, who he suspected of having an affair with his fiancée Maria Susairaj. The body was soon cut up, stuffed into a bag and set to flames.

The “cast of characters” includes the charming Neeraj, who was a small time employee in television production house Balaji Telefilms, beautiful and petite Maria, a hopeful export to Mumbai’s thriving TV industry, and the handsome Emile, a much-loved Naval office posted in Kochi.

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5 Books you should read….

1 Oct

When I first started with this post, I was planning to review any of these books. But as I sat down to write, the words wont come. Then it hit me, “You idiot, you think you can review a book? Do you even know how to begin and how to go about it? Fifth graders read more than you do.” I have of course beeped out the inappropriate words for the same fifth graders. The point being, I am incapable, incompetent, and inept. I had to use three words to highlight that fact, you know how serious I am.

Yet, that does not mean I cannot recommend any book. I have (after a long break) again taken to books in a good way. The books range from many genres. So go on take a look, and pick one up for the weekend…. Continue reading

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