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Bike Trip live log Day 7-9: Goa!

25 Dec

“Take me down to Paradise City, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. Oh won’t you please take me home?

Well Guns N Roses were not really singing about Goa, but if they were it wouldn’t be too off the mark. What can we say about Goa that has not been said before. Beaches, Food, Girls etc everything seems perfect. I would be hard pressed to find people who would disagree

DAY 7:

Spanish breakfast

Special breakfast

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Bike Trip live log Day 4,5,6 – Wildlife sanctuary at Dandeli later Gokarna and then Goa!

22 Dec

DAY 4: Leaving from Dandeli

So we begin day 4 by waking up at 4.45 in the morning to go for our wildlife safari that begins at 6 am...

The view from one of the vantage points in the sanctuary

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Bike trip live log Day 2 and 3: Reaching Dandeli

20 Dec

DAY 2:

Well Day 1 ended with us reaching Katraj which is around 40km before Pune. After getting in around 4-5 hours of sleep amidst heavy snoring by one guy, we woke up, had misal- pav for breakfast and were off again. Our goal was to reach Dandeli by the end of the day.

And off we go again.. Targeting 420 km today to reach Dandeli.

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Bike Trip ‘live’ log Day 1: Off to Pune

17 Dec

We left at 4.30pm from Mumbai hoping to make it till Pune today (16th) itself. Paramanand(Pammy) turned up in insanely huge haversack with the hope of settling down in Goa. After transferring some of the clothes to Dilip’s saddle-bag and throwing some away, we set off at last.

Pammy (who looks bigger now) rides with Amey as he has the more powerful bike

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Bike trip ‘live’ log: Goa, Gokarna, Tarkarli, Dandeli, Murudeshwar, and more…

16 Dec

I am going on a motorbike trip today with my friends Nikhil Bangera, Paramanand Bhat, and the one-who-must-not-be-named.

Our tentative route is Mumbai-Pune-Satara-Dandeli-Gokarna-Goa-Tarkarli-Konkan-Mumbai

Along the route we will encounter the might Western Ghats, forests, rivers, Wildlife Sanctuary with tigets, leopards, panthers and a wide variety of birds, waterfalls, serene beaches, paragliding at Goa, Snorkeling at Tarkarli, Christmas in Goa, and more….

To give you an idea:

Gokarna Om Beach

Gokarna Om Beach


Snorkelling in Tarkarli


Christmas in Goa


How will the live blog work?

My friend’s iPhone will finally be of some help. We will be clicking pictures all along the way and upload them to the blog along with captions and short information about the places we visit. You too can participate by commenting about various places you know of along the route.

What are you waiting for? Submit your email address on the Subscribe section on the top right to get regular updates! Don’t worry, we won’t spam you with emails about 100 pics in a day; we will keep on adding more pics by editing a single article.