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New website under construction

13 Jan

We had hoped to rollout the new look of the blog website by the end of this week and hence were putting off writing anything new here. But as is the problem when a team is involved, there are differences of opinion regarding the layout, styling, functionality etc etc. Basically we are fighting a lot. Anyway, I think we should have everything up and running by next weekend. In the meantime, we are going to start writing again here.

Meanwhile, we have started a Facebook page for the blog. You can find it here.  Also we have a Twitter account in case you guys didn’t know. We update the Facebook page only about 2-3 times a days so as to not spam people whereas Twitter is updated quite often during the day. Writing only 140 characters does help here. Do follow us on these accounts. (If you guys want to know a lot more about International music and other random funny shit, Twitter is the place). We’ll be using these accounts to put up links to some interesting and/or funny articles, images, videos etc that we come across on these two sites and add a line or two.


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India v/s China: We’ve got Facebook! What’ve you got?

9 Jan

This article was originally published at India’s China Blog. The guest writer is Maitreya Bhakal.

An interesting analysis in TIME magazine, to the extent that it tries to be an analysis:

The ChIndian Century

And don’t forget to check out these two accompanying arguments, one for India and one for China:

The Case for India: Free to Succeed

The Case for China: The Power of Planning

I plan to blog about this general issue sometime soon. Right now however, I just can’t help commenting on just two points for the time being, particularly because many westerners have humongous misconceptions about these issues. Almost every article on the topic contains at least a reference to these two fallacious points.

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The best shit this year! Part 2

3 Jan

Now moving on to the movies (Read Part 1 about the best  music of 2011 here), something everyone likes and enjoys. If you are like me, you distinguish between the years of your life, as to when a certain movie came out. Everything about that year, what you talk, what you think, how you dress is connected by that movie. So this list is special as 2011 was special. These may not be the highest grossing movies of 2011 but are definitely the best ones made. Catch them before the Oscars.

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12 Books worth looking forward to in 2012!

2 Jan

A new year for some, is like a checkpoint, a pit stop created to help them to look back, assess, review, derive conclusions and redraw plans and blueprints to chart their next year or beyond. To sum it up, Resolutions. One of the many common resolutions I know of is ‘This year I will take up reading seriously, I will take out more time from my oh-so busy schedule of doing nothing and eating to read.’  So this is me helping you to keep atleast one of your resolutions.

I have tried to compile a list of books I am looking forward to releasing in the year 2012. So read on… Continue reading

A few comic strips – Begin the year with a laugh

1 Jan

Well everyone has had their New Year’s party by now, some of you committed those dreaded drunken mistakes (you know who you are), rest of you stayed sober/ sober enough to witness and laugh at the earlier guy. I am not going to tell you which of those was I (the second one). Year 2011 has been great for me personally when I never thought it would. Plus Tushar came up with the idea of starting this blog, without which I would be wasting away most of time. A couple of newspaper mentions, an article on the Score website, a Tech2 soundbyte and you can see why we are happy with the blog. But most importantly we are happy that a lot of people do take time to read if not the entire articles, but atleast some part of them. Thanks for signing up! We are looking forward to 2012 with some plans on revamping the blog and we are pretty excited about that.

So anyway coming back to the topic. We really tried hard to be funny in our articles. We kept it all subtle. But guess we were the only ones who found it funny. We do like to be funny sometimes  along with helping solve world problems you know. So I thought let’s not “try” to be funny but let the comics take centrestage. Because we all really could do with a few more laughs in our life.

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