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When in an ocean of brown paper

19 Nov

I am a fashion design student and since a month I’ve been doing a looot of pattern making.Pattern making is making the pattern of the desired dress on paper and then tracing it on cloth to make the garment.I use brown paper or newsprint paper to make the patterns.So It is like floating in an ocean of brown paper.

It involves a lot of standing and gets me tired easily.It gets onto me  really bad sometimes and to save myself from sinking I draw 🙂

In theory classes I pretend to be taking down notes but in real I scribble or draw.When I see a paper and a pen or pencil next to it I automatically start drawing something.It doesn’t matter what I’m actually doing,I might be on a phone call or even eating.This habit also is responsible for my poor math.I’d be solving a problem, a little rough calculation..start drawing! I’d be lost!


Workings of my _____ brain!

12 Nov

Experiments don’t always become great inventions but experimenting is so much fun! More so when it involves dark chocolate!

I love cooking.I never really follow recipes,i cook little recipes my head forms.They’re not totally original,just workings of my unconscious mind!
I usually just look in the fridge,pick out whatever i find interesting and work with it.Today there were just carrots and cauliflower.I hate how carrot tastes when cooked and cauliflower didn’t appeal.There was lots of macaroni in the shelf so I thought I’ll do pasta.I always do it with penne with cheese sauce or mushroom sauce.I didn’t want to do a savory today.
So I did a silly version of chocolate pasta with macaroni!I don’t know if I can even call it that.

I thought of cooking the pasta in apple sauce so I put a handful of macaroni on boil and started grating an apple.The idea was to grate the apple and squeeze out the juice for the sauce.I boiled maybe two glasses of milk added one and a half spoons of cornflour and then squeezed out juice of two apples into it.To the sauce i added some dark chocolate i had at home and then added the boiled macaroni.Something was missing so i grated a couple of didn’t really do anything but to know it has almonds made me feel better!

I think i looked like this after the tasting!(notice the !)

The final taste? ah boring! It wasn’t as exciting as i thought it’d be 😐 but I sure had fun licking the chocolate off my fingers,assuring my cook I was still sane.I served it hot to my aunts and ..

They looked like this after they had a spoonful!

I wanted to see how it’d taste cold ,so I chilled it.Tasted it,no way was I going eat another spoon of it! It wasn’t that bad when hot.

I chilled it in a mould so it took its shape.I grated a few almond on the top and..

not appetizing at all! but I had fun making it!

Little Princess!

5 Nov

Sore feet!spinning head!Beaming smile!
After effects of a fashion show for a backstage helper!Beaming smile happens only when it is a kids wear show!

NIFT celebrated it’s silver jubilee year today at the Hyderabad centre with some of the alumni putting up a fashion show.I got involved with the kidswear collection ‘Little Princess’ by Sruthi Reddy.We were discussing about the accessories for the look and decided on flower tiaras.Initially they were to be made with real flower but later I just made them with some gorgeous plastic flowers and i think they did it!

This morning the beautiful gowns were test fitted to the models.It went great! No alterations what so ever.There was a problem with the shoes though.The shoes the models had got didn’t go well with the dresses so we had to go shop.It just took us ten minutes and we thought we were done.we went back to the venue and let the models try out the new shoes and all the sizes turned out to be wrong.I went back and quickly exchanged to the right sizes.The designer.We decided on all the other accessories and put the with the dresses.The sequence was choreographed and all the girls went all out and did a little pose.Adorable!

Make up time! oh crazy! blush here blush there,some lipstick and they were set! we put on the tiaras and then started little girl chatter.It was surprising how quickly the girls befriended each other.It was really sweet!

We took them backstage.It got a little difficult,they just won’t stop talking! They wanted to go on the ramp right away,they couldn’t wait.

Finally it was their turn and off they went gliding down the runway in those beautiful beautiful frocks! They sure had fun! waving to the crowd and smiling to the princess calls! A two year old,the designer’s daughter blew out a kiss and crowd went crazy.It was just so cute.Heart Melting! She wasn’t told to do that,she saw her mom and blew a kiss!

Little Princess making sure her pink glitter is still on her nails!

crazy me.

A Golden Daffodil for you!

29 Oct

That is something I have in abundance and I will never be short of it.
Some say Hope is slow poison,that it is bad,that it ruins everything.I don’t think that is what hope does.
HOPE makes my smile real.

Some swear never to Hope ever again only to realize hope goes no where.They try to fight it,try to end it, thinking it ends everything that’s left.But maybe hope with faith and love will give them more to that everything and also that little power to go on.with a smile.

Some lose trust and with it hope,just to discover it within themselves.

I am not saying hope makes everything completely allright.It might not lessen the sorrow or pain or whatever it is.It might actually hurt you more in way, for wanting something so bad.But that’s okay,It’s just a phase.It wasn’t the hope that caused it maybe it was your inability to weigh the situations and understand or just the evil eye’s workings 😀

Maybe HOPE is not just wanting the good but knowing good will come to you.

I don’t know what got me thinking about hope,maybe it was just too many people telling me that it does no good.I had to think about it to know what I think of it.Plainly it is a feeling, deep with in blooming like a golden daffodil!

You’ve got a different perspective? share!

P.S  The golden daffodil symbolizes Hope.

I painted.

15 Oct

I just wanted to paint.

I didn’t want a pencil.I dipped a brush in some black paint and did some rough strokes for a while and then like always started painting an eye and it led up to this.

I did two more 🙂

This was the first time I didn’t pencil the outline,I just took a brush and started off.I had more fun this way! It wasn’t easy,took a while to get a hang of it.

Hope you like the paintings! 🙂