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10 Things you need to know about Windows 8!

14 Dec

Windows 8 is looming large. Microsoft, one of the largest Software making companies in the world will be coming out with a new version of the largest selling computer OS in the world. Windows.

Now Microsoft is ready with Windows 8! Almost anyway. You will begin seeing Windows 8 tablets and laptops all around you by the end of 2012 if not before. But do you know what to expect from Microsoft’s new flagship software? In many ways than one, Microsoft is banking on popularity of Windows on computers to push their Mobile Markets too. Do you know what similarities can be found between Windows Phone 7.5 (mango) and Windows 8? Here I have tried to compile a basic list of 10 things you need to know about Windows 8! Continue reading


The Sony Ericsson Affair!

2 Dec

Its easy to get lost in today’s exploding mobile handsets market, this applies to both consumers and companies alike. Yet its quite alarming to see a company which bears the name of two technological powerhouses “Sony” as well as “Ericcson” lose its way. When I myself was asked to advice an Android phone, never once did a SonyEricsson (SE) phone come to my mind. In any price segment that is. There is always a better phone around, either by ever-present Samsung or by impressive HTC or the recently emerging Motorola etc. It seems all the other companies have a better portfolio of phones than SE. Now how did a company of such magnitude lose so much ground? Continue reading

Win-Droid : How to get Android Apps on Windows?

18 Oct

The Android boy on knocking on the Windows?

Ever wondered how it would be if Android Apps and Windows go hand in hand? Fruit Ninja bombarding all sort of fruits on your Windows Tablet screen? Or using Pulse on your Windows 7 laptop? Well you are in luck, big time. BlueStacks has just released an alpha version of its App Player which allows you to run Android Apps on Windows Devices. A how-to after the break. . . .  Continue reading

Tech2GeekUp Tablet Edition: 8 Tablets Reviewed!

12 Oct

Last week Kunal (co-writer on this blog) and me got an opportunity to play with all the major tablets thanks to’s Tech2 Geek up Meet. We even managed to win a Portable Hard Disk at the event (ours was one of the most RT’d tweet), cherry on the cake right? All that aside we are here to give you a different kind of a review. It will be rather short because we have to review 8 Tablets, and we will have two opinions over here. One by Kunal Pawar (amateur) and one by me (semi-pro). Yes we know we sound like EA Sports Fifa’s Difficulty levels, no need to point out.

For convenience sake, Kunal will be referred to as Noob( check his phone and you will know why) and me as Boss.

Continue reading

iPod, iOS & iPhone – All you need to know from last night’s Apple Keynote!

5 Oct

So as I stared at the screen in the middle of the night, watching text and pictures flicker telling me about the greatest next gen technology to come from the house of innovations (liveblog, as apple do not allow live streaming of their Keynote) I wondered if this was Skynet in the making.  Here is a serious round-up of what you should care about from last night.

I am going to avoid talking about numbers here, I got bored while reading about them I want to spare you the trouble here. So lets start with …… Continue reading

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