NH7 Weekender Day 1 and 2 : Preview!

20 Nov

All photos have been clicked by Yatin Dabhi. You can follow him on Twitter

Now with so many people holding their breaths for some NH7 action, we are going to give them a reprieve. Here are some sneak peek pictures of the madness and epicness that is NH7 Weekender here at “Magarrrpaatta” in Pune. A drunk friend helped us out in lending his photos for now. Ours as you know would require extensive post-processing. Pictures …. hit on continue reading

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For those who are not here, see the pictures and lick your wounds coz you should have been here. This is Legen – wait for it …… Dary!! Legendary. Stay tuned for more pictures and whole review/look back at the Weekender.

Tushar Chhajed is living THE life these days. With Kunal Pawar and fellow guest blogger Sachin Setiya, he is exploring Pune the RIGHT way. His neck still hurts because of the head banging last night. More to continue. Feels good to be back. Mail at tusharchhajed@gmail.com

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