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Cafe Bean Garu musings

6 Jan

I have lived in Mumbai all my life. I have seen the rise and fall of malls, restaurants and hotspots all over the city. The beauty of the city lies in the joy of always discovering something around the corner, because no road, corner or nook in the city looks the same after a month. With blogs like this, Twitter, Facebook and what not, that joy of discovering has changed over time, where a small RT makes you discover a new band, hear about this new pub and you and your friends have a flash mob show up soon after.
But I miss the days, when I would go to eat Vadapav after school and discover a new fruit juice stand on the way, or go shopping on Linking Road and see “60% off” in a gully shop like a secret sale made just for me. Discovering a new place today in a non wired manner made my visit to Bombay after a long time totally wonderful. Because unless you work/live in deep Suburbs (Never Never Land for the southern Western Line Girl in me), you have probably missed Café Bean Garu. Continue reading


Rise Of The Planet Of The Shopaholics

18 Sep


Who among us doesn’t wish to own everything we see in the market today?
I for one end up begging (or bugging, whatever works) my parents on a monthly basis for all the new gadgets or games that hit the market – Yes, I still leech their money.

Be it shoes or clothes or maybe a new car, whatever your poison; you know you’re not happy till you splurge your (or your parent’s/significant other’s) hard earned money on the latest, shiniest or fastest thingamajig. The age of the Shopaholics is here, and the end is NOT near.

Continue reading

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