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Cafe Bean Garu musings

6 Jan

I have lived in Mumbai all my life. I have seen the rise and fall of malls, restaurants and hotspots all over the city. The beauty of the city lies in the joy of always discovering something around the corner, because no road, corner or nook in the city looks the same after a month. With blogs like this, Twitter, Facebook and what not, that joy of discovering has changed over time, where a small RT makes you discover a new band, hear about this new pub and you and your friends have a flash mob show up soon after.
But I miss the days, when I would go to eat Vadapav after school and discover a new fruit juice stand on the way, or go shopping on Linking Road and see “60% off” in a gully shop like a secret sale made just for me. Discovering a new place today in a non wired manner made my visit to Bombay after a long time totally wonderful. Because unless you work/live in deep Suburbs (Never Never Land for the southern Western Line Girl in me), you have probably missed Café Bean Garu. Continue reading


Review of Little Miss Sunshine

28 Dec

Of crooked roads, twisted laughs and a quirky ride.

Cast: Greg Kinnear, Toni Collette, Abigail Breslin, Steve Carell, Paul Dano and Alan Arkin.

Genre: Dark comedy  |  DVD priced at: Rs 599

If you could accompany the Hoover family on any one road trip, it should be the one where they all pile into their weather-beaten Volkswagen T2 Microbus and head to California. For on this trip, you will not only have interesting co-passengers but also an unlimited supply of drama, topped with copious doses of dark hilarity.

Little Miss Sunshine

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Book review: Death in Mumbai by Meenal Baghel

15 Dec

Sosha is the newest member of the team. This is a post taken from her personal blog

“The perfect crime lies not in the execution, but in the cover-up.”

-Meenal Baghel

It’ll take all of a few clicks on the Internet to acquaint oneself with the Neeraj Grover murder case. But devil lies in details, and it suffices to say that author Meenal Baghel has pulled the devil out right by its horns. Simply put, one early morning of May 2008, a jealous Emile Jerome snuffed out Neeraj Grover, who he suspected of having an affair with his fiancée Maria Susairaj. The body was soon cut up, stuffed into a bag and set to flames.

The “cast of characters” includes the charming Neeraj, who was a small time employee in television production house Balaji Telefilms, beautiful and petite Maria, a hopeful export to Mumbai’s thriving TV industry, and the handsome Emile, a much-loved Naval office posted in Kochi.

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Kick for Change – Making a difference one kick at a time

14 Dec

We all have heard about different NGOs working for women, old people, animals, kids, environment and so on. Magic Bus, a non-profit NGO works towards helping children from underprivileged and marginalised communities albeit with a difference – They use the medium of sports.

Magic Bus try to help children through their Sports for Development(S4D) module by imparting lessons about life through on field actions and initiatives.

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Weekend Guide – What you should be doing

21 Oct

Well with probably a long weekend in place next week with Diwali holidays, most of you guys will taking off to someplace quieter. But Bombay is a city that is bustling with activity all the time and there are a lot of things you can do this weekend and you can be spoilt for choice. We at ‘As We Think Is’ have compiled a list.

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