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India v/s China: We’ve got Facebook! What’ve you got?

9 Jan

This article was originally published at India’s China Blog. The guest writer is Maitreya Bhakal.

An interesting analysis in TIME magazine, to the extent that it tries to be an analysis:

The ChIndian Century

And don’t forget to check out these two accompanying arguments, one for India and one for China:

The Case for India: Free to Succeed

The Case for China: The Power of Planning

I plan to blog about this general issue sometime soon. Right now however, I just can’t help commenting on just two points for the time being, particularly because many westerners have humongous misconceptions about these issues. Almost every article on the topic contains at least a reference to these two fallacious points.

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SARKAR – But no RAJ!

8 Dec

Today’s Post is again a contribution by Nitin Pokharna. He has previously written THIS article for the blog.

16th May of 2009: The day Congress got voted to power with a propitious mandate, the day of hope for a billion people. The already blooming economy, the presumably intellectual Singhs, Gandhis and the Chidambarams at the helm of the affairs of the nation surely seemed to be turning into a growth story. But in return for the optimism what people got were spiraling interest rates, uncontrollable inflation, rising fiscal deficit, slowing economy, poverty and larger than life corruption scams. Continue reading

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