A few comic strips – Begin the year with a laugh

1 Jan

Well everyone has had their New Year’s party by now, some of you committed those dreaded drunken mistakes (you know who you are), rest of you stayed sober/ sober enough to witness and laugh at the earlier guy. I am not going to tell you which of those was I (the second one). Year 2011 has been great for me personally when I never thought it would. Plus Tushar came up with the idea of starting this blog, without which I would be wasting away most of time. A couple of newspaper mentions, an article on the Score website, a Tech2 soundbyte and you can see why we are happy with the blog. But most importantly we are happy that a lot of people do take time to read if not the entire articles, but atleast some part of them. Thanks for signing up! We are looking forward to 2012 with some plans on revamping the blog and we are pretty excited about that.

So anyway coming back to the topic. We really tried hard to be funny in our articles. We kept it all subtle. But guess we were the only ones who found it funny. We do like to be funny sometimes  along with helping solve world problems you know. So I thought let’s not “try” to be funny but let the comics take centrestage. Because we all really could do with a few more laughs in our life.

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The best shit this year! Part 1

30 Dec

So as a glorious 2011 comes to end, we contemplate the best things that happened to the world other than the lively conversations, political turmoil throughout the world has inspired. I am not going to write about the worries in the world, but instead shine a spotlight on the finer things in life that have made 2011 a great year. Cutting to the chase, this year has been fabulous for all the great not-easy-to-be-forgotten album releases, by artists who record once in 3 years as well as much to my delight it has been a year that belonged to more than the Gagas of popular music. We saw amazing performances at concerts all over the world (maybe not Gurgaon), as well as had a truly amazing new sound develop with brilliant collaborations (Coldplay and Rihanna).

This year will be remembered also as the year Hugo was released and Ryan Gosling took Hollywood by storm. This year’s movies featured brilliant plots, excellent performances, were truly beautiful cinematic experiences. This article will feature the best of movies and music in 2011 as we think is. Continue reading

Review of Little Miss Sunshine

28 Dec

Of crooked roads, twisted laughs and a quirky ride.

Cast: Greg Kinnear, Toni Collette, Abigail Breslin, Steve Carell, Paul Dano and Alan Arkin.

Genre: Dark comedy  |  DVD priced at: Rs 599

If you could accompany the Hoover family on any one road trip, it should be the one where they all pile into their weather-beaten Volkswagen T2 Microbus and head to California. For on this trip, you will not only have interesting co-passengers but also an unlimited supply of drama, topped with copious doses of dark hilarity.

Little Miss Sunshine

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Wishlist: Movies we should be watching

27 Dec

This is not one of those end of the year, best of 2011 lists. No we are not too highbrow about doing that. But that will be covered in a separate article by the prodigal daughter – Anushree Phanse. She did send us some kind of mixed signals that she will be writing this week, so we’ll look forward to that.

In the meantime – This article is about the movies that have created a buzz and have garnered some positive reviews, in the countries where they have released. This is by no means the most comprehensive list you will find out there, so if you think I missed out something, let me know and I will write about it too

DisclaimerThis is not a movie review

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Bike Trip live log Day 7-9: Goa!

25 Dec

“Take me down to Paradise City, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. Oh won’t you please take me home?

Well Guns N Roses were not really singing about Goa, but if they were it wouldn’t be too off the mark. What can we say about Goa that has not been said before. Beaches, Food, Girls etc everything seems perfect. I would be hard pressed to find people who would disagree

DAY 7:

Spanish breakfast

Special breakfast

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