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India v/s China: We’ve got Facebook! What’ve you got?

9 Jan

This article was originally published at India’s China Blog. The guest writer is Maitreya Bhakal.

An interesting analysis in TIME magazine, to the extent that it tries to be an analysis:

The ChIndian Century

And don’t forget to check out these two accompanying arguments, one for India and one for China:

The Case for India: Free to Succeed

The Case for China: The Power of Planning

I plan to blog about this general issue sometime soon. Right now however, I just can’t help commenting on just two points for the time being, particularly because many westerners have humongous misconceptions about these issues. Almost every article on the topic contains at least a reference to these two fallacious points.

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SARKAR – But no RAJ!

8 Dec

Today’s Post is again a contribution by Nitin Pokharna. He has previously written THIS article for the blog.

16th May of 2009: The day Congress got voted to power with a propitious mandate, the day of hope for a billion people. The already blooming economy, the presumably intellectual Singhs, Gandhis and the Chidambarams at the helm of the affairs of the nation surely seemed to be turning into a growth story. But in return for the optimism what people got were spiraling interest rates, uncontrollable inflation, rising fiscal deficit, slowing economy, poverty and larger than life corruption scams. Continue reading

Why Rickshaw Union Leader Sharad Rao is a Ch****a

29 Sep

I am sure the rickshaw strike affected us all. But with the news that most rick-guys are correcting their tampered meters, it can only be good for us –  The common man. But someone somewhere is not happy with this. He believes the rick-guys did the right thing, he believes all commuters have to pay more, he believes he has the right formula to help both the rickshawallahs as well as commuters. That man is the leader of the rickshwallahs’ union, Sharad Rao.

I have no personal vendetta against him. But when someone makes an inane, makes-you-pull-your-hair-while-laughing-hysterically, suggestion about solving the rickshaw problem, I have to vent it out. And this is my platform. You can either shut this window right now or continue reading.

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Ann-Like Hazare – A different opinion…

23 Aug

Respect the Tricolour!

Not an avid writer,  but ANNA filled newspapers coupled with the torrid defeat the Indian cricket team suffered in England has left me with nothing else to do. And what better topic to write than the much beloved ‘Jan Lokpal-bill’?!


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Anna Hazare and the Lokpal Bill–what does the Indian youth think?

22 Aug

1. Hithesh Uchil(26), Engineer,  Mumbai

The Lokpal bill should have been thought of when we attained our independence from the Brits. Almost 65 years of corruption will have to undergo a fair trial if this bill is put into place. How such cases will be prosecuted is anyone’s guess. The current judicial system has a lot of pending cases that haven’t been dealt with. The corruption faced in the past one year itself would flood the Lokayukta with a lifetime of cases. Speedy justice is something that cannot be expected out of this bill and it makes me wonder as to how it will handle cases within a month? Do we have enough judicial infrastructure to prosecute the corrupt?

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