New website under construction

13 Jan

We had hoped to rollout the new look of the blog website by the end of this week and hence were putting off writing anything new here. But as is the problem when a team is involved, there are differences of opinion regarding the layout, styling, functionality etc etc. Basically we are fighting a lot. Anyway, I think we should have everything up and running by next weekend. In the meantime, we are going to start writing again here.

Meanwhile, we have started a Facebook page for the blog. You can find it here.  Also we have a Twitter account in case you guys didn’t know. We update the Facebook page only about 2-3 times a days so as to not spam people whereas Twitter is updated quite often during the day. Writing only 140 characters does help here. Do follow us on these accounts. (If you guys want to know a lot more about International music and other random funny shit, Twitter is the place). We’ll be using these accounts to put up links to some interesting and/or funny articles, images, videos etc that we come across on these two sites and add a line or two.


Signing off for now. Keep reading


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