The best shit this year! Part 1

30 Dec

So as a glorious 2011 comes to end, we contemplate the best things that happened to the world other than the lively conversations, political turmoil throughout the world has inspired. I am not going to write about the worries in the world, but instead shine a spotlight on the finer things in life that have made 2011 a great year. Cutting to the chase, this year has been fabulous for all the great not-easy-to-be-forgotten album releases, by artists who record once in 3 years as well as much to my delight it has been a year that belonged to more than the Gagas of popular music. We saw amazing performances at concerts all over the world (maybe not Gurgaon), as well as had a truly amazing new sound develop with brilliant collaborations (Coldplay and Rihanna).

This year will be remembered also as the year Hugo was released and Ryan Gosling took Hollywood by storm. This year’s movies featured brilliant plots, excellent performances, were truly beautiful cinematic experiences. This article will feature the best of movies and music in 2011 as we think is.

Part 1:  Music (Alternative and Rock of all kinds and yes its a countdown)

5. Codes and Keys – Death Cab for Cutie

  This is the seventh studio album by Indie  rock veterans which centers around wandering and the idea of familiarity, roots and returning home. Frontman Ben Gibbard claims to have been embarrassed about the melancholy dark tone of their previous albums like Narrow stairs and Codes and Keys is a happy album by far with songs like Stay young, Go dancing, which is a signature Death Cab for Cutie song with the music and yet extremely unlike them for the lyrics. The music is less strings and more piano, and Gibbard’s voice is more soothing than  haunting as it usually is. A favourite at the awards, my favourite picks in this album: the very-Death-Cab song You Are a Tourist with brilliant words, and a catchy tune, the whiny and distant Monday Morning , pensieve and thoughtful Some Boys. Not everyone is a fan of their work, but you will find a Death Cab song that fits the soundtrack of your life.

4. I am with you – Red Hot Chilli Peppers

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like the easy infectious funk of Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ tunes. A long glorious career, and multi-platinum, multi-grammy winning Stadium Arcadium later they released their new album after 5 years and it is a good one! The band survived many solo albums by members, rut of a constant tour, and the departure of guitarist John Frusciante. Nevertheless we love the magic recreated by new member Josh Klinghoffer. Anthony Kiedis’s vocals at the very best, this album is creative, melodic and has the signature infectious tunes we love from RHCP. This album has my new favourite RHCP track Look Around a track to make you smile, as you speed down another long road. The first two singles Monarchy of Roses, The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie are must have. What is special about this album? Even You Brutus? and Did I Let You Know inspiring a new soul- funk direction to their sound. This is garnering a mixed reaction, but I like it. Definitely a must have for every fan even though the album cover gives me the chills.

3. Blood Pressures – The kills
This in no way is a top of the charts album, but a great one nonetheless. If you are like me and take pride in finding a true gem among the ordinary, this album will be the most played on your iTunes list. The Kills are the loudest Indie Rock band on the scene,  a high wired duo with the sexy and drunk-personal vocals of Allison Mosshart reminding us why we love a girl lead singer and the creative unorthodox sound of guitarist Jamie Hince and their fourth studio album Blood Pressures is their most creative and refined yet. Every song is a powerpacked distinct number, the very mainstream punk sound and hit-you-in the face lyrics of Future Starts Slow, the mesmerizing ballad Last goodbye, the cruel and catchy Heart is a Beating Drum and the new Indie anthem in the making You don’t own the road. This year will be remembered for the album, not the awards they did not win. Trust me buy this album!

2. Mylo Xyloto – Coldplay
There can never be a best of the year list without Coldplay in it. They raise the bar for great music for every year they release a new album, and this year is no exception. They grow older and creative with every album, experimenting with a new sound, new themes and every Coldplay album is different from the older one. This album is rich in sound; the hauntingly beautiful Paradise, brilliant collaboration with Rihanna in Princess of China which had an industrial sound with pop heartbreak lyrics, melancholy and melodic Us against the World, pop anthem Every Tear Drop is a waterfall (I hope this song plays as soon as the 12am 1st Jan 2012 begins wherever you are), the song that grows better with time UFO and more. But this album falls short of the greatness we expect from Coldplay. However  if you don’t hear this album at a stretch you will find a song that reaches out to you. For real fans, this album is a concept album with a story inspired by TV series The Wire (which I am definitely going to watch) about love blossoming in a dystopian world. Definitely deserves all the Grammys it can get, but not the top spot of the year.

1. Wasting Light – Foo Fighters
This is undoubtely the Album of The Year for me. As bands grow older their sound matures to focusing on the technique, reforming the sound and we like them anyways but we miss the sparks the old, raw, loud sound had that made us fall in love with them. Foo Fighters is an exception to these bands, making the same raw beautiful stripped down honest sound that make sparks fly, everytime, I hear them on Walk. This album is fierce, every song is well thought out, every song is a love letter to the bare, catchy, profound album Foo Fighters have ever made and Wasting Light is their answer to “What were you doing for the last 4 years?” Sing along to Arlandria and its brilliant lyrics, growl with Dave Grohl on “Tell me whats in it for me?”  In Bridges are burning, headbang to the guitars of Chris Shiflett in White Limo, pay homage to Kurt Cobain as we glimpse his loss in I should have known, and enjoy the melody of These Days and Dear Rosemary. If you don’t have this album, well you slept through 2011. This album is nominated for 6 grammies including Album of the Year.
Fun fact : This album was recorded in Grohl’s garage. Who said garage rock is dead?

There are many great albums this year that did not make the top 5. But here are the ones I thought were the most underrated be sure to check them out:


1. Gold cobra – Limp bizkit

Because they are badass and we love them! This what they have to say :

“We decided we were more disgusted and bored with the state of heavy popular music than we were with each other. Regardless of where our separate paths have taken us, we recognize there is a powerful and unique energy with this particular group of people we have not found anywhere else. This is why Limp Bizkit is back.”



2. Arctic Monkeys – Suck it and See.


Rude lyrics and the British scene we love so much. And the title says it all.



3. This is gonna hurt – Sixx A.M.

Keeping the Hard in the Rock alive.




See you on the other part.

It’s So Overt its Covert – Sherlock Holmes


Anushree Phanse is back to Bombay and is waiting to have a bomb this new year with her best disgruntled buds Kunal and Tushar who deserve a long apology for her inexcused absence for months from the blog. She has had her share of audio processing in class this year and can’t wait to tell you how great Hugo was. But other than all she really wants to do is curl up with a book, and wish you all Happy New Year with the best soundtrack possible!


5 Responses to “The best shit this year! Part 1”

  1. Amey Kanse December 30, 2011 at 3:59 pm #

    And she is back from the dead…

  2. Sosha December 30, 2011 at 4:03 pm #

    “maybe not Gurgoan” HA HA HA HA!

    You write passionately, Anushree; clearly, you’re in love with these bands 🙂

  3. Kunal December 30, 2011 at 4:10 pm #

    RHCP’s album is really under-rated. I personally loved ‘Did I Let you Know’, ‘Look Around’, ‘Factory of Faith’ and of course ‘Monnarchy..’ and ‘Rain Dance’!

    • anushreejazzz December 30, 2011 at 4:12 pm #

      @Amey yes I am the new crown queen of the undead.
      @Kunal Arey everyone likes that album and it is not underrated.

      • anushreejazzz December 30, 2011 at 7:12 pm #

        @Sosha thanks! Welcome to the team 🙂

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