Bike Trip live log Day 7-9: Goa!

25 Dec

“Take me down to Paradise City, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. Oh won’t you please take me home?

Well Guns N Roses were not really singing about Goa, but if they were it wouldn’t be too off the mark. What can we say about Goa that has not been said before. Beaches, Food, Girls etc everything seems perfect. I would be hard pressed to find people who would disagree

DAY 7:

Spanish breakfast

Special breakfast

That is Dilip trying send some work emails while not being distracted by other sights

Benaulim is a huge, wide beach that stretches over a long long distance... However, the life here is nothing compared to Palolem

On our way back to Palolem

Sunset at Palolem

DAY 8:

Spanish Omlette, Hot chocolate, mixed fruit pancake, tuna mayonnaise burger, bread.

Leaving for Arambol in the afternoon

We head to the Loekie cafe at Arambol for dinner... The awesome live music drives us there.

DAY 9:

Waiting for the sun to rise at Arambol

We head to the famous Banyan Tree at Arambol and see some people camping there

Sculpted by an American sculptor next to the Banyan tree, it says - Give if you can, take if you have to.

Nutella Pancake


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