Bike Trip live log Day 4,5,6 – Wildlife sanctuary at Dandeli later Gokarna and then Goa!

22 Dec

DAY 4: Leaving from Dandeli

So we begin day 4 by waking up at 4.45 in the morning to go for our wildlife safari that begins at 6 am...

The view from one of the vantage points in the sanctuary

We hardly saw any animals. But did spot a butterfly

Pammy trying to move the buffalo by telekinesis

This is where the water used for power generation in the project nearby comes from...

After the sanctuary, we come back to our rooms and prepare to leave for Gokarna. On the way we decided to halt at Yellapur for lunch. From Yellapur, we head towards Magod falls which is around 20 km and our best bet since we can visit Magod and then come back to Yellapur to take the 80 km route to Gokarna.

Magod Falls

The super smooth roads on the way to Gokarna

We decided to take a little halt at Ankola

So after traveling 10 km from Gokarna on a hilly road, we reach Om beach and find out that it is completely secluded with just one place around it that has accommodation - Namaste guest house.

The room is quite nice though

Lemon Hot Chicken. We at at the hotel's restaurant itself

Red Snapper

DAY 5: Om Beach

On the way to Om Beach

The pristine sand

A view of the beach

We decide to visit two more beaches – Paradise and Moonwalk. I sleep off as it is a 2km walk. The others go ahead and find a boatride that takes them to both islands and back for Rs 600. It’s a ripoff as both the islands are nothing much to speak of.

Sunset at Om Beach

Day 6: Reaching Goa

We head for the Gokarna temple at 9.00 in the morning... This is a top view of the Kudle beach from our route to Gokarna.

The shack we stayed at Palolem

Where we plan to eat

Bull frog for Pammy, Long island ice tea for Nik, White Russian for me.

Hot mama pizza... Has tomato, mozzarella, bacon, capsicum, green chilly n paprika

We later went for a walk and decided to check out a place called ‘Cocktail And Dreams’ at around 1. This place has a good crowd and is open 24×7. At around 2.30 we hit the bed.


2 Responses to “Bike Trip live log Day 4,5,6 – Wildlife sanctuary at Dandeli later Gokarna and then Goa!”

  1. Sosha December 22, 2011 at 5:25 pm #

    Om Beach looks fantastic.

  2. Vishnu Kumar January 2, 2012 at 4:12 pm #

    Quite impressive….inspirational indeed… loved this photo blog…

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