Bike trip live log Day 2 and 3: Reaching Dandeli

20 Dec

DAY 2:

Well Day 1 ended with us reaching Katraj which is around 40km before Pune. After getting in around 4-5 hours of sleep amidst heavy snoring by one guy, we woke up, had misal- pav for breakfast and were off again. Our goal was to reach Dandeli by the end of the day.

And off we go again.. Targeting 420 km today to reach Dandeli.

NH 4 Pune - Bengaluru (Bangalore) Highway

We reach kolhapur at 2.15 and have lunch at Gazeb family restaurant

Trucks carrying windmill parts

After lunch we drive towards Karnataka and reach Belgaum at around 6.15 pm. After taking a break we were off to Dandeli where a friend had made arrangements for us to stay for the night.

Finally... We reach the Ambika Nagar entrance 16 km ahead of Dandeli at 10.30 pm..

DAY 3:

Built specially for us.. It says in Kannada - "Paramand, Amey, Nikhil and Dilip... Welcome Heroes"

The Sintheri rocks entrance.. we are told it's a 2km treck and Nikhil predicts the road is bad so we should not take our bikes in...

History of Sintheri

We reach Sintheri caves

And we encounter the last thing you want on the ghats with no population, no cell network, no urbanization, no nothing in the radius of 40 km... a flat tyre!!!

There is no sign of Nikhil for 2 hours whom we sent to search for transport.. so we start looking for a lift to Dandeli and after some efforts, we are helped by a kind tempo guy who first refuses to help but then comes back out of sympathy...

Just when we are about to reach Dandeli (which is almost 4 hours from the time Nik left), we get a call from him saying "I am getting a truck".. We tell him we already got a tempo and ask him to meet at a known spot.. finally, all of us reunite and all is well!!

And that's how Day 3 ended


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