Game Review : Saints Row The Third

19 Dec

Welcome back to the games section, today I will be discussing about the week’s hotspot game, Saints Row The Third

ehh weird name, isn’t it ?

I was bit confused about buying this game, but to my surprise it’s one in my top 5 list. Read on to know WHY!

Alright, right out of the box, all graphics set to max and Directx11 Mode. I am equipped with an i7 920 @ 2.67 GHZ, 6 GB of DDR3 Ram @ 1604 MHZ, Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 Superclocked & Windows 7 64 Bits Service Pack 1 all updated. First Impressions – The graphics were pretty good, texture quality, model animations were very good, environment and car detail are not so impressive, still needed a final touch. Nevermind, lets move on to the gameplay.


The player has many options to choose his/her character, and work out a bit on clothing styles and modifications to the character.The player can recruit new members as the game goes on, upgrade skills, weapons, purchase properties, modify vehicles and lots of aircrafts (WHOA). The 1st mission starts with a bank robbery, where the saints are disguised as clowns, shoot all the guards and move on, a cutscene shows where you need to steal the vault. I was expecting the Saints blow up the vault and loot everything inside.

To my surprise, the VAULT ROOM is blasted and our helicopter comes and PICKS UP the ENTIRE VAULT ! OMG that is insane. Hanging on the vault, player needs to defend the vault from the S.W.A.T team.

Still with me ? 😀

Alright, the mission Guarding Angel is something made me a serious fan of this game.

Our ally asks for helping him to safely reach his destination with the stolen goods, player is seated in a helicopter with a Rocket Launcher and the camera set to the ally. Many cops and enemy vehicles show up, we need to blast them with rocket launcher, after that part of the mission is over, our ally moves forward on footsteps. The player is rappelling down a building with a sniper rifle in his hand and shoot off the enemies following our ally. This TOTALLY FREAKED ME OUT !!!

After a couple of mins, I discovered lot of new moves of the WWF (rather WWE now) like the Pile Driver, DDT & Clothesline ! WOW Great !The player encounters a lot of vehicles as he travels through the City, player can modify engine, add nitrous, install better tyres and paint jobs. Lot of driving skills are counted in, like driving in oncoming lane, near miss, powerslide, two wheels, air jumps.

There is no such particular sequential storyline, the player has to check his cellphone for new missions available (they are particularly of different allies) When not on a mission, player can pick up collectible items, new vehicles, and cause rampage in the game. Apart from these there are Tank Mayhem, Video Game Bike Riding & Lot of different tasks which even I have not discovered yet.

Living the good life?

I have only finished a couple of missions and I am seriously loving this game, A totally action packed game with lot of spine tingling stunts and thrills. If you haven’t tried yet, or planning to try it, go ahead its really a worth game to play.

And YES, It does have a RE-PLAY Value. 🙂

Ok, Now lets move on the final part which is optimizations of the game. A game of 2011 with very decent requirements

Minimum Requirements

2 GHZ Dual Core

2 GB Ram

320 MB 8800 or ATi 3800(both the cards are outdated and not available in the market, you can get an ATi 4670 1 GB in 3000 RS, that is capable of running this game with LOW Settings)

Windows XP


Intel i5 or AMD X4 3 GHZ+


GeForce 400 Series or ATi 5000 series.

The graphics card required for this game is NOT what I expected to be, since the 8800 is capable of giving lot more eye candy than the actual game displays, rest all requirements are pretty well buckled up. I have also tested this game on few of my friend’s PC, with an Average Configuration(Slightly Exceeding the Minimum Requirements in terms of RAM) and its working pretty decently.

Also haven’t seen any crashes or bugs on both Nvidia as well as ATi, so as far as the Optimization theory goes, Its perfectly optimized, Although I have discovered 1 Bug, which is hardly Negligible. Also dont forget, for AMD Processor users with Windows XP, please Install the Dual Core Optimizer from the AMD Site to prevent performance issues.

As the timer ticks many of you might be getting curious & excited about my PC Buyer’s Guide this Dec 2011 😀

Stay Tuned I’ll be back with a BANG


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One Response to “Game Review : Saints Row The Third”

  1. shikenkan January 19, 2012 at 6:47 pm #

    Nice Review, from the sounds of it there isn’t much difference between the PC port and the PS3 one.

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