Bike Trip ‘live’ log Day 1: Off to Pune

17 Dec

We left at 4.30pm from Mumbai hoping to make it till Pune today (16th) itself. Paramanand(Pammy) turned up in insanely huge haversack with the hope of settling down in Goa. After transferring some of the clothes to Dilip’s saddle-bag and throwing some away, we set off at last.

Pammy (who looks bigger now) rides with Amey as he has the more powerful bike

Nikhil joins us at McDonald's Panvel

We reach Lonavala at 9.30 greeted by a lovely cool breeze.. The cold gets us very hungry!!! Can't wait to treat our tummies...

Murg Tikka

Malvani chicken, paneer mushroom and butter naan... Hehahahaha 😀

And off we go again.. Plan to ride till 1 am.. Let's see where we reach...

A little break to loosen our butts that have frozen in the cold...

So we decide to stay over at Katraj which is around 40 km from Pune..

And that's how Day 1 ended

P.S We had thought of adding all the photos by updating a single article. But then people wouldn’t know when the new photos were put up. After the entire trip is over, all these pics will be collected in one single article.


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