Game Review : Rage!

13 Dec

Evolution of Gamers!

Saumil Korgaonkar is the newest addition to AWTI blog. He will provide you with Game Reviews, Previews, Graphic Card Reviews, Computer Rigs and anything to do with games. He might also write about anything which catches his fancy. Be Kind. Extend him a warm welcome.

Are PC games getting immersive & more entertaining ?

Firstly, I would like to thank our Windows Hardware Developers & to the game developing company whoever and wherever they are!

When a new game pops up in the market, one wishes to play it. WHY? Aren’t games GAMES ?

The quench for new gameplay, graphics, storyline pulls us to try out that game. It keeps us entertained for weeks, months or maybe even years. It all starts from what do YOU expect from a game & how it lives upto your expectations. Is it Worth buying, downloading? Can it run efficiently on my PC still remains a question unanswered for all the gamers.

But dont worry friends, I will be writing reviews on various games tested by me. So Stay Tuned 🙂

I will be also writing a PC Buyers Guide this Dec 2011.


This is my 1st review on the game called “Rage” by ID Sofware & Bethesda built on ID Tech 5 Engine. I will be covering a few Important points which gamers need to know about before they go buy this game.

Rage puts you in a very rich envirnment where the player plays as a survivor of 2029 in the aftermath of Apophis asteroid impact.

Glance Of The Game:

Ark was a part of the worldwide movement which buried VIP’s underground in Cryo-Pods (huge ships) to rebuild earth. The player realizes that his ARK POD has malfunctioned & he is the lone survivor. Player has to use the given vehicles to explore the City & complete missions & side tasks. The game primarily consists of Shooting, Racing, and Augmentation.

What’s so special about this game?

Unlike all the First Person Shooters, this game adds some spice to the staleness of the FPS series.

1. Combining RPG in FPS Genre

Unlike all FPS genre, RAGE has an Inventory system, looting system, different types of ammunitions, vehicle augmentation, side missions, which makes the game more competitive & entertaining.

2. Unique Gameplay

Loads of Guns including the classic weapons like wingsticks(bommerang) & Crossbow(Not the archer 😛 its like Half Life BOW)various ammo types & weapon upgrades.

3. Combining Racing Genre

Vehicle modification options like nitrous engine to dominate Race battles & Time Trails give the player A CHANGE FROM THE SHOOTING STYLE.

4. Various achievements & side missions to keep the player ENGAGED IN THE GAME also makes the player NOT TO FINISH THE GAME IN A HURRY. This is where MOST of the FPS Genre falter, hardly few games in FPS allow you to ENJOY the Environment and play missions as and when you are ready.

The multiple choices like Racing, Shooting, Side Missions keeps the gamer entertained for hours.

Is the game only worth till the end of the story, or is it re-playable?

NO ! Its just a one time playing game. Though side missions could be a reason which if missed out on are worth playing again for.


Rich Graphics & Interactive Environment.

Immersive Gameplay.

Amazing AI.

Variety of weapons including Wingsticks(Bommerang).



Places remain the same only the Mission Objective changes.

No alternate route to finish a mission.

No Re-Play Value.

NOT Fully Optimized for ATi Graphic Cards

Hogs for Higher CPU & Graphics Card.

22 GB!

My Personal rating = 8/10

Hope you enjoyed the review. As mentioned earlier, I would be reviewing a lot of games! So Stay tuned!


Saumil Korgaonkar loves games. Period. He is more than excited to become a part of this blog. To know more about his passion for games and electric guitars you can email him . 


2 Responses to “Game Review : Rage!”

  1. Gagandeep Singh December 13, 2011 at 2:35 pm #

    wow nice review . now on top of my download list 🙂

  2. Saumil1989 December 13, 2011 at 9:07 pm #

    Its a pretty game, make sure you exceed the requirements.

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