Angels and Demons – Why Barcelona are no saints?

10 Dec

Saint Barca?

It’s the time of the year when the giants of Spanish football lock horns again. Yes, Im talking about one of the most intense derbies “The El Classico”. Needless to name the teams who play this game.

In the last 3 years, the footballing fraternity has witnessed arguably the BEST football playing side by the name Barcelona and I absolutely agree to that. But, isn’t it true that if you’re playing the best football in the world, you ought to be the one’s with the best behaviour or does playing good football exempt you from being regarded as equals and rules can be bent for you. I certainly fail to agree to this position.

The Catalan giants, Barcelona is home to a few of the best footballers in the world like Xavi, Iniesta, Villa, Pique and arguably to the BEST footballer in the world — Lionel Messi but is also a home for a few footballers who don’t deserve to be regarded good enough though their talent to play good football is in abundance. A team of wonderfully gifted, athletic, highly skilled, incredibly hard working and well drilled players, augmented by the incredible Lionel Messi who lifts their football from the sublime to the ridiculously sublime. You can’t help but admire the way they try and play, attacking, more attacking, close passing, a high intensity pressing game and just a fantastic ability to unlock teams in the final third.

I titled this blog as Angels and Demons for a reason that I see plenty of football fans who are in the awe of seeing a team play such good attacking football where there is an armour of players who can unlock the best defences in the world at a blink of an eye, but refuse to look at the dark side of the moon or the flip-side of a coin. Any shambolic gesture made by the Barcelona players or the manager misses the eye of the referees and also the so called advocates and “experts” in football.

Barcelona are regarded as Angels or atleast that’s what I infer from the footballing “experts” who time and again try and justify anything wrong done by Barcelona by saying “it must have missed the referee’s eyes”, “every team does this” or things like “you say so because United are hard-done by Barcelona twice” since I’m a United supporter.

No, I do not say this since I’m a United fan nor do I say this because I prefer Real Madrid over Barcelona. I say this since I see things happening in football which is totally opposite of its name “The Beautiful Game.”  It pisses me off to see players with such footballing talent like Dani Alves, Pedro and the Master of all, Sergio Busquets dive at every moment a player breathes below his neck holding their shins and faces as if they have been whacked hard with a baseball bat.

Sergio Busquets (The Diver) Caught On Camera

Football is a contact sport and you’re ought to play it that way. A lot of teams play for the pride and plight of their team and it gets to you with your adrenaline rushing  and you tend to play the game to win it. Barcelona, on the other hand play supremely well but with flaring tempers they have a different approach to win a game. Yes, diving and play acting are their biggest weapons and to top that they have influential players like Xavi and Puyol who’s rush towards every referee to advocate their doings. Also, their goalkeeper Valdes would scale the whole football pitch on every touch of the finger from the opposition player

2008 UCL semi-finals when Barcelona was not managed by the “holy” Pep Gaurdiola were beaten by Manchester United in the semi-finals and though United may have not been the most attacking of the two did miss a penalty in the opening 3 minutes of the tie and won 1-0 over two legs by a brilliant screamer which Paul Scholes managed to score to get them to the finals which they won.

2009, a new twist to the game, a new manger for Barcelona and his brilliant passing game now regarded as the modern “Total Football” comes the new tactics and players who probably are the best at performing these means to win a football match.

Chelsea could have been in the finals of the Champions League of 2009, second time running had the referee not missed out fouls and blatant hand-ball in the box by Barcelona, not on one occasion but many. Clearly not deserving to be in the finals if you go by the rules but justified by fans saying the only team trying to play football was Barcelona.

Mourinho installed as the new Real Madrid coach is where the second part of my argument begins which makes Real Madrid the Demons. Mourinho, as known in football is the foxy figure who knows how to play with the media and is reputed to deliver trophies for whichever team he’s managed and is a big name in Champions league football. This is when the duel between the former colleagues, Jose and Josep starts.

Clearly Pep has had the better of the two face to face but the teams did not always deservedly win the ties. Mourinho has publicly said that he always has to practice for a match to be played with 10 men when he’s facing Barcelona since they always try to get their opponents red carded. (Not trying to create a mirage, but stats and acts do justify his words)

On several occasions Dani Alves has gone and hit the deck every time without even the slightest of touches and has at times changed the face of the game. Famously when Pepe got red carded for a lunge though dangerous but did not even touch Alves. Outcome – 10 men Real Madrid fearing to touch the flying wizard Messi and that helps him score to turn the tie on their side.

Sergio Busquets, the master of acting at La Masia should be awarded the best actor award on the pitch where time and again he would have the audacity to attempt a tackle and still acting as the one whose injured and trying to see how the referee reacts to it by splitting open his fingers while lying on the ground with his hands covering the face.

The worst was Real Madrid being dumped out of UCL last season which at one point looked to be a match where it was too difficult to name one winner. A classic match where a foul on Ronaldo was actually given against him since he fell onto Mascherano’s leg and they ba****d went flying on the ground. A classic example where referees would in any case, favour the Catalans .

Also, Messi being no saint when it comes to play against Real, purposely hit the ball in the crowd when the match had being actually stopped for a foul, found laughing after hitting the crowd but still no card whereas RVP was red carded for hitting a ball even though a whistle was blown a fraction of a second before.

Mourinho and team will always be hated and regarded as the Demons when it comes to El Clasico since the advocates always resort on the history of Real unjustly dominating football in Spain and its political affair with the Catalans. And no matter what the so called “saints” or “Angels” do, the fans will always try and justify them without looking it from footballing perspective.

Although I strongly believe that Real are not saints either but atleast in recent times, they have been the ones who did not resort to play-acting to win matches.

Win or lose, Real Madrid or Barcelona, let’s hope for an awesome El Clasico played in good spirits and may the best team win.



Sunny Kansara is a Man United supporter and David Beckham fan. He is currently working as a Social Media Marketing Executive and to the surprise of his friends, doing that quite well. He is totally against drinking alcohol. If they don’t include him. Can be seen hanging out with a bald Liverpool supporter. His passtimes include getting beaten up, playing FIFA and PES and being an insomniac


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      Thanks for letting us know. We’ll try and do something about it.

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