SARKAR – But no RAJ!

8 Dec

Today’s Post is again a contribution by Nitin Pokharna. He has previously written THIS article for the blog.

16th May of 2009: The day Congress got voted to power with a propitious mandate, the day of hope for a billion people. The already blooming economy, the presumably intellectual Singhs, Gandhis and the Chidambarams at the helm of the affairs of the nation surely seemed to be turning into a growth story. But in return for the optimism what people got were spiraling interest rates, uncontrollable inflation, rising fiscal deficit, slowing economy, poverty and larger than life corruption scams.

There is an increase in the number of children going to school not because of the government’s reforms but because of the increase in awareness of importance of education among their parents. Neither a single Economic nor an Administrative reform has been passed

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in the parliament. There is no progress on the DTC, GST or the Lokpal bill for the matter. Bills like the Real Estate Regulatory bills have been put on the table thrice but have not come up for discussion even once. It’s been 2 weeks since the winter session of parliament began but we still have not had a single working session. Bills have been languishing in the parliament. The conflict negotiating & the grievance handling capabilities of the government have gone for a toss & all we get to see is a rollback/holdback at the insistence of the Opposition, the LEFT and the RIGHT. It’s not only the elected government that is to be blamed for this fiasco but also the other 20 odd parties sitting in the opposition who are equally responsible. A Complacent government and a Malcontent opposition is a perfect recipe for disaster.

Mayawati may be running a corrupt government as known to all but she at least has the audacity of proposing reorganization of the state, which might indeed benefit the state. Why isn’t the issue of Telangana still not resolved? Why do we still face frequent Maoists attacks? Governance and politics are two different aspects and at the moment and both have been handled precariously.

India is still having a robust 7% growth rate and is doing reasonably well even in this situation of global uncertainty. But it needs to continue doing so to absorb the large number of young people who are striving hard to make something of themselves. Long gestation periods for infrastructure, energy, technology etc are not going to help. We need to take advantage of this short-term boost and if we miss this decade, we will be condemned a developing poor economy forever.

I am not writing this because I belong to any party or I am content writer with politics as a subject, but I am writing this because even I am an heartfelt common man who was delighted seeing India grow a couple of years back and is equally distorted seeing the economy going stagnant. Writing it as a man who was excited about voting for the first time in the next general elections but now may rather prefer watching a tennis match instead thinking ‘Kya fayda vote karke‘.


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