Times Literary Carnival – Stories of charming panelists

7 Dec

This post first appeared on niceandnew.wordpress.com. Sosha fills in as the the guest writer for today. She is a journalist, a traveller and has a strange affection for portmanteaux 

Event: The Times Literary Carnival

Venue: Mehboob Studios, Mumbai

Spread over three days: Dec 2-4, 2011

When you sit some 20 feet away from Saurav Ganguly and hear him talk, you become his fan, once again. This time around, for his charm and wit. Sure, I’ve seen him on the TV, but I tend to not believe all of it, for smart editing can always show us exactly what the channel wants us to see. (Just like they show Amitabh Bachchan squirming in his seat every time Rekha goes up to the stage during award functions. No sir, that’s not what really happens!)

Ganguly was part of the panel at the Times Literary Carnival where they discussed whether cricket has lost its charm. I found the topic blasphemous, and the panel unanimously responded – no, it definitely hasn’t. Others on the panel were Sri Lankan writer Shehan Karunatilaka, cricket journalist Boria Majumdar, writer Anuja Chauhan and regional player Deep Dasgupta. The discussion, as it happens with most such cricket talks, turned to the 20-20 format of the game in comparison with test cricket. I won’t write about views of all panelists here (for I believe that Anuja was a misfit), as it was clearly Ganguly who stole the show. Not only did the guy rattle off numbers and stats with ease, he spoke lovingly of his memories. Of his first test match outside the country, the time he played in Kolkata, anecdotes on other players.

He surprised me the most…….

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One Response to “Times Literary Carnival – Stories of charming panelists”

  1. Sosha December 9, 2011 at 12:26 am #

    Thank you, guys!

    Very strategically ended the post, I see 🙂

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