When in an ocean of brown paper

19 Nov

I am a fashion design student and since a month I’ve been doing a looot of pattern making.Pattern making is making the pattern of the desired dress on paper and then tracing it on cloth to make the garment.I use brown paper or newsprint paper to make the patterns.So It is like floating in an ocean of brown paper.

It involves a lot of standing and gets me tired easily.It gets onto me  really bad sometimes and to save myself from sinking I draw 🙂

In theory classes I pretend to be taking down notes but in real I scribble or draw.When I see a paper and a pen or pencil next to it I automatically start drawing something.It doesn’t matter what I’m actually doing,I might be on a phone call or even eating.This habit also is responsible for my poor math.I’d be solving a problem, a little rough calculation..start drawing! I’d be lost!


2 Responses to “When in an ocean of brown paper”

  1. Prathik John November 19, 2011 at 1:34 am #

    Those eyes light up every one of your paintings /drawings…

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