NH7 Weekender Pune: Essentials

17 Nov

There is nothing I am going to say that I haven’t said before about the Weekender festival before. NH7 starts tomorrow and continues for the next 3 days. Apart from all the great music on show, there are lot of other things that you can look forward to. Plus the organisers have taken efforts to make sure you have a easy time getting around the festival and truly enjoying your weekend. They don’t call it India’s Happiest Music Festival for nothing.

First up: The Schedule

Yes everyone knows the festival is for 3 days. With over 50 bands, it’s hard to decide which bands to watch. Well using http://nh7.in/myweekender/ , you can create your own schedule of the bands YOU want to watch and the final list will be mailed to you. All you have to do is get a print out or store it on your phone and you are good to go.


My personalised schedule



I am sure everyone has made plans for their travel, but in case you haven’t NH7 has taken a little effort to make it easier for you.

For people travelling from Bombay, there is an option of carpooling with other people http://nh7.in/weekender-carpool/. All you have to do is send the person a message on Facebook

And if you want to get to the venue while in Pune, there is a free shuttle service available too.



There are 6 stages. So it will kinda get harrowing moving from one stage to another especially when you consider how large the area. Which is the nearest loo to the stage you are at? Where exactly is “The Other Stage”? To make all of this simpler, there is map of the layout, which will also be available at the the venue.

  • Bazaar: Staying at the venue the entire day is bound to make you hungry. When the hunger pangs hit you, head over to the Bazaar to satiate your food cravings. More info – http://nh7.in/weekender/weekender-bazaar/

                          Tip –  Do try the Gostana Chicken Burger

  • Flea Market – What’s a festival without some merchandise right? And the Flea Market has them all. NH7 merchandise, band tees, hand painted shoes etc. More info – http://nh7.in/weekender/the-flea-market/


After Parties:

These after parties will be held at venues outside of Laxmi Lawns. I am not sure if the the festival tickets get you entry or you have to buy a separate pass for this. Popular EDM artists like Dualist Inquiry and Jalabee Cartel will be DJing.

  • 18th November (Friday): NH7 Weekender After Party with Ash Roy (Jalebee Cartel) at Swig

Venue: Swig, Koregaon Park, Pune
Date & Time: 18th Nov, 9 p.m onwards.

  • 19th November (Saturday): NH7 Weekender After Party with Nucleya & Dualist Inquiry at Area 51

Venue: Area 51, Pune
Date & Time: 19th Nov, 9 p.m onwards.


What to carry:

1. Comfortable shoes – Lot of running around to see bands at different stages + dancing

2. Relispray – All the moshing and head banging is bound to give you a sprain

3. Sunglasses – Gigs start at 3pm. You figure

4. Jacket/Warm clothing – At night it tends to get nippy.

5. Camera – Lots of colours and people on display

6. Debit/Credit cards – There are ATMs at the concert venue so you need not fret about carrying a lot of money.



Tickets can be purchased directly at the venue or at certain places at Pune.


In Bombay you can get tickets at –

  • Furtados (Dhobi Talao)
  • Mocha (Churchgate)
  • Mocha Mojo (Bandra)
  • The Bagel Shop (Bandra)
  • Gostana does not keep tickets anymore.


I am super excited for this festival and am going to have a lot of fun. We will come back with lot of photos and lots of stories too.



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