Coffee and books – An evening out in Bandra

10 Nov

This Tuesday I managed to get out of office quite early. I had nothing to do and didn’t want to go home by 6. So I decided to check out the new bookstore ‘Title Waves’ that had opened in Bandra. For people who don’t know I love bookstores. I have some kind of affinity towards them. My favourite is the Landmark store at Palladium(which has been under renovation for too long now). While in the vicinity, I thought of grabbing a cup of coffee at this new place called ‘Love and Latte’ (I love coffee shops too. Check my bio).  Here is my view on both the places.

Title Waves

Title Waves is a new bookstore opened in Bandra by the husband-wife duo of Sharon and Elvis Dias. Located in the lane of Tawa(the restaurant) and bang opposite Duruelo Convent High School, Title Waves is a sprawling 9000 sq ft bookstore. When I first heard about it, I was all excited for such a huge store to open in Bandra. And I really expected quite a number of people to be there. But surprisingly there were less than 10 people. Either people have stopped reading books or they don’t know about this bookstore yet. Anyway armed with a book to note titles I would want to buy later, I started browsing through the shelves.

As seen from outside

There is clear categorization of shelves and they are numbered. The latter helps a lot because they have a touchscreen computer where you can search for a particular title and it shows as to in which shelf the book is located. I tried searching for Fahrenheit 451 but it wasn’t there. I quite like how vast the area is but it seems like they have left a lot of empty spaces in the middle where they could have added more books. The collection is not extensive as Landmark and nor is the setting as cozy as Crossword. I was trying to find small stools where I could sit and browse through books when the attendant passed me a revolving chair. I had somehow not noticed them lying around. The music collection too is limited but you can find a few re-mastered box sets of Pink Floyd and the like plus new albums like Mylo Xyloto and The King is Dead. I bought a copy of Knocked Up (not the movie) by some Indian author. Wait for the review.

Having said all this, Title Waves is one of the best bookstores this side of town. They have a huge area which they can develop even more. The music playing in the background is not too loud. I would definitely come here more often if they improved their collection of books, music and game CDs. Just maybe they could add a few more chairs/stools and  shelves. You know how people curl up with books between rows? Maybe that’s what is missing.

p.s. They didn’t allow me to carry a book with me. They said no writing. So I was like okay you give me a paper and the manager just replied saying you are not allowed to write at all. Not even to make a list of books. This I found weird.

Location : Opposite Duruelo Convent School
In the same lane as Tawa restaurant
Off Turner Road Bandra (West)

Timings: 10 am – 9 pm

Love and Latte

Love and Latte stands where Amore used to be there before (next to Stomach). It is very small cafe which has indoor and outdoor seating which will seat around 15-20 people at a time. Inspite of its small size, the cafe is done up tastefully. The cream and green colour lends a nice touch. I initially sat in the outdoor seating and then moved inside. For once, a glass of water ordered arrived quickly and with lots of ice (good omen?)

The cafe is apparently the brainchild of a girl who was inspired by quaint little coffee shops in Italy. Although that is not readily evident in the decor here, with the space crunch. But what it lacks in size it makes up in quality. The dominant mural on the wall is one of the first of its kind I have seen in a coffee shop, straightaway lending a distinct touch to Love and Latte.

After browsing through the menu, I ordered a Tiramisu Hot Chocolate and Malai Chicken Wrap (made a mental note to order the Caramel Frappe next time). The Malai Chicken Wrap consist of chicken in mint mayo sauce in Mexican Tortilla base. The chicken was tender and the base just firm enough. Though it was quite difficult to eat with a fork and knife. Also once the wrap cools down it tends to get difficult to break it. But it was quite palatable nonetheless.

But the real winner was the Tiramisu Hot Chocolate. It was just perfect and yumm! Hot chocolate with Tiramisu sauce that tasted like Nutella. I was given an extra sachet of sugar just in case, but there was no need for it as the drink was sweet enough in the right proportion. So for all people who like their coffee ( also counting hot chocolate as coffee here) sweet you should totally try out Love and Latte.

The prices are also quite moderate. More expensive than CCD but less than every other coffee shop in Bombay. And the quality is much better than the CCDs. Of course you can’t judge it by one cup of coffee, so if ever anything changes about their food and drink, I will update it.

The service is quick. The attendants are helpful and capable without being in your face. Overall it was a good end to my day.

Malai Chicke Wrap

Tiramisu Hot Chocolate

Location: Shop No. 4, Humkund Co Op Housing, Junction of Turner Road & Waterfield Road, Bandra West, Mumbai (Next to Stomach)

Timings: 7 am – 1 am

So overall, the day was a hit and miss. I expected Title Waves to be awesome it wasn’t whereas Love and Latte was much better than I expected. Sometimes you find gems in places you didn’t think of.

There are lot of events happening over the course of next week. We pick the best of them. Stay tuned.

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Kunal Pawar is going to a lot and lot of gigs this November. And most of them are free. Also he will be at NH7 Weekender in Pune. He is currently making a list of places to eat in Pune. He also hopes England don’t embarrass themselves against Spain and thinks it’s time to start networking again. He blogs at Tumblr and has a twitter account if you care.


3 Responses to “Coffee and books – An evening out in Bandra”

  1. Rajendra Grewal November 23, 2011 at 5:03 pm #

    Please grow up, get married, have children and then drop dead! The Tittle Waves brand name is plagiarised, common among ad assholes. They have little to offer beyond what the juvenile owners have read. Spend some time at STRAND BOOK STALL , at FOUNTAIN, they have 2000 more books than these morons!

    • Kunal November 24, 2011 at 8:39 pm #

      “Please grow up, get married, have children and then drop dead”
      Yes that is the plan.

      “Spend some time at STRAND BOOK STALL , at FOUNTAIN, they have 2000 more books than these morons!”
      But I was not comparing them to strand. Just reviewing what they had to offer. No doubt strand is better in terms of the wide variety of books they have, but then again they have been around for a long time. Give it time.

  2. Sharon November 24, 2011 at 1:20 pm #

    We would like to thank you for visiting our bookstore ‘Title Waves’ and have noted all your valuable inputs. We will increase the number of stools to make it cozy and assure you that our collection will soon improve a 100 fold. We have kept the centre area open to give customers a good ambience and an un-cluttered environment. There are definitely divided opinions on the same but we will definitely give it another thought. Please feel free to give us your inputs and we will strive to make the necessary changes at our end. Do hope to see you again at our store. I am pasting our facebook link below, would request you to like our page so that we can keep you abreast of all the activities/gigs that we do at our store.!/pages/Title-Waves-Mumbais-first-large-format-boutique-bookstore/115683205203858


    Elvis & Sharon

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