Little Princess!

5 Nov

Sore feet!spinning head!Beaming smile!
After effects of a fashion show for a backstage helper!Beaming smile happens only when it is a kids wear show!

NIFT celebrated it’s silver jubilee year today at the Hyderabad centre with some of the alumni putting up a fashion show.I got involved with the kidswear collection ‘Little Princess’ by Sruthi Reddy.We were discussing about the accessories for the look and decided on flower tiaras.Initially they were to be made with real flower but later I just made them with some gorgeous plastic flowers and i think they did it!

This morning the beautiful gowns were test fitted to the models.It went great! No alterations what so ever.There was a problem with the shoes though.The shoes the models had got didn’t go well with the dresses so we had to go shop.It just took us ten minutes and we thought we were done.we went back to the venue and let the models try out the new shoes and all the sizes turned out to be wrong.I went back and quickly exchanged to the right sizes.The designer.We decided on all the other accessories and put the with the dresses.The sequence was choreographed and all the girls went all out and did a little pose.Adorable!

Make up time! oh crazy! blush here blush there,some lipstick and they were set! we put on the tiaras and then started little girl chatter.It was surprising how quickly the girls befriended each other.It was really sweet!

We took them backstage.It got a little difficult,they just won’t stop talking! They wanted to go on the ramp right away,they couldn’t wait.

Finally it was their turn and off they went gliding down the runway in those beautiful beautiful frocks! They sure had fun! waving to the crowd and smiling to the princess calls! A two year old,the designer’s daughter blew out a kiss and crowd went crazy.It was just so cute.Heart Melting! She wasn’t told to do that,she saw her mom and blew a kiss!

Little Princess making sure her pink glitter is still on her nails!

crazy me.


4 Responses to “Little Princess!”

  1. Prathik John November 5, 2011 at 9:38 am #

    it sounded like u had loads of fun .. !!

  2. akila venkat November 5, 2011 at 12:27 pm #

    hey the TIARA is brilliantly done!!! :O

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