Photos from the Rockstar concert

4 Nov

When I mentioned to my friends that A.R Rahman is performing in the Rockstar concert at Andheri, all of them were super excited. That none of the original people turned up is a different matter altogether. My friend managed to hook me up with a few passes to the concert. And there we were at Bhavan’s.

The concert started at around 8.15 and went on till 9.30. In that one hour, the team managed to play 6-7 songs from the movie with complete orchestral support and all. The music was great and the entire setup was thoroughly professional. They played ‘Sadda Haq’ in the end with Ranbin Kapoor getting up on a crane and strumming his guitar.

Hearing the songs live just reminded me of how A.R Rahman can create music that is so intricate and yet raw at the same time. When he got behind the piano, it was just spellbinding. The music was great.

Hope the photos do justice.

Disclaimer: All photos have been clicked by Akila Venkataramani and are her property. None of these photos may be used without her permission. And she writes at

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One Response to “Photos from the Rockstar concert”

  1. Rasik November 4, 2011 at 6:22 pm #

    Awesome pics! AR Rahman live in Mumbai. I missed it.

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