A Golden Daffodil for you!

29 Oct

That is something I have in abundance and I will never be short of it.
Some say Hope is slow poison,that it is bad,that it ruins everything.I don’t think that is what hope does.
HOPE makes my smile real.

Some swear never to Hope ever again only to realize hope goes no where.They try to fight it,try to end it, thinking it ends everything that’s left.But maybe hope with faith and love will give them more to that everything and also that little power to go on.with a smile.

Some lose trust and with it hope,just to discover it within themselves.

I am not saying hope makes everything completely allright.It might not lessen the sorrow or pain or whatever it is.It might actually hurt you more in way, for wanting something so bad.But that’s okay,It’s just a phase.It wasn’t the hope that caused it maybe it was your inability to weigh the situations and understand or just the evil eye’s workings 😀

Maybe HOPE is not just wanting the good but knowing good will come to you.

I don’t know what got me thinking about hope,maybe it was just too many people telling me that it does no good.I had to think about it to know what I think of it.Plainly it is a feeling, deep with in blooming like a golden daffodil!

You’ve got a different perspective? share!

P.S  The golden daffodil symbolizes Hope.


2 Responses to “A Golden Daffodil for you!”

  1. Prathik John October 29, 2011 at 10:24 am #

    some one once told me.. “if u got a feeling you shouldn’t be thinking so much about it.. ” thinking about a feeling makes it soo much harder to understand…well hope is the only thing that keeps you going forever, even though u know you wont make it but still u try(and by try i mean u don’t actually give up). that is what hope is for me…

    • poojitha October 30, 2011 at 1:01 am #

      Yes! and maybe when you try to do something with hope its not ‘trying’ it is doing what you can and you can smile about that 🙂

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