Comic Con Express – Chacha Chaudhary, Sabu and Tinkle relived: Part I

26 Oct

What is Comic Con Express: Well it’s the travelling version of the Indian Comic Con to be held annually in Delhi. The Express will be going to a different city every year. The Con sees lot of publishing houses, independent artistes, merchandise and more importantly a hell lot of comics

We all are a little geeky whether we admit it or not. Having grown up reading Indian comic books and then moving on to stuff like Watchmen, X-men etc, I was super excited for this event. So Amey and I decided to head to Cuffe Parade on a lazy Sunday afternoon and watch superheroes come alive.

Prime was there too

Well frankly, I was expecting a bigger event like the one in Delhi last year. But with more than 30 booths there was no shortage of comics! Amey and I first just decided to take a look around the place and see what was on offer. And for some weird reason there was a booth for bicycles

The Suppandi Tshirt - I had written a comic strip about him in school that had got published

Comic relief!

So after checking everything out, we decided to narrow down on things to buy. Now there were many new publications out with comics I had never heard of. Landmark had a booth offering graphic novels for as low as Rs 199, Buzzinga had a booth where you could buy posters of South Park, Spiderman and superhero Tshirts. One of my favourite stores – Bombay Merchandise had a booth too and unsurprisingly it was the most crowded one.

This was their stall

We decided to get nostalgic and hit the Diamond Comics’  booth. Surrounded by Chacha Chaudhary and other Diamond heroes, it was a trip down memory lane. Remember ‘ When Sabu gets angry, a volcano erupts somewhere’? That was as cool as it could get. Amey purchased a couple of Chacha Chaudhary comics and we were off again.

The next stop was the Holy Cow publishing stall. They had this comic called ‘Ravanayan’, which I had seen on the Comic Con website and was intrigued as the cover image of one of the comics had a Nazi flag and all. Well what the comic is really about is – It is Ramayana from the point of view of Ravana. Where Ravana is the protagonist and not the villian. They have 4 issues out till now. I purchased all of them for as cheap as Rs 160 and managed to finish reading it too. I am definitely buying the latter issues. The pace is fast and it’s the story we all know yet told in a manner we couldn’t have imagined.

Amey then proceeded to buy Tinkle comics for his sister and also bought a combo pack of 4 comics for just Rs 200 from another booth. We managed to spot Hitler, Harry Potter and Darth Vader and also a very beautiful girl in saree and specs( just had to mention it :P)

Recruiting for The Dark Side

We purchased a lot of other comic books too. And also go to see Chacha Chaudhary, Naruto and the likes. We went with no expectations at all but are happy to say it was an afternoon well spent. From what I hear, the first day was even better but personally I have no complaints.

Later on we went to a quaint little Parsi Restaurant called ‘Paradise’ in Colaba where Amey and I had authentic Parsi food. I later on moved to watching Football.

Comics, food and and football. A Sunday well spent.

For the complete set of pics, check out Picasa

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  1. akilavenkat09 October 26, 2011 at 5:31 pm #

    DAMN! I sure missed it! 😦

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