It’s Baroque Duh !

24 Oct

The Power Of Rhetoric

FOUNDED BY ITALIAN POET GIAMBATTISTA MARINO…………….“TO AROUSE WONDER AND SURPRISE” the Baroque  was like a breath of fresh air to European architecture.

Schonbrunn, Austria

The Versailles, France

After the age of refinement( the Renaissance)……BAROQUE WAS DIFFERENT! The dynamism of the style inspired delightful innovations.

Francesco Borromini was one of the well-known Baroque architects.

  • He based his designs on complicated geometric figures, or modules.
  • His iconic masterpiece is the diminutive church of San Carlo Alle Quattro Fontane, distinguished by a corrugated oval plan and complex convex-concave rhythms.

The elaborate facade of the San Carlo Alle Quattro

The dome ceiling of the Church

Dome interior detail

The interior volume of the church

Town Planning The Baroque Style:

With the emergence of strong states came the need for military fortifications and a display of  power and strength of the cities. Thus monumental architecture was born.

The hierarchy of space and the separation of class is clearly visible from this general plan of a baroque town.

You may also notice that the green patches are absent towards the periphery of the town where the lower class would reside indicating that the parks and public gardens were a luxury enjoyed  only by the moneyed class.

Also the  view of the centrally located monument is also provided to the homes of the affluent.

The seat of power or the administrative/public buildings were centrally located so as to display power and set a sense of hierarchy amongst the townsfolk,while the rest of the city radiated out from this focal point.

Palmanova,Venice - An ancient Baroque town

St. Peter's Square, Rome

The St.Peter’s Square is considered the masterstroke of Baroque.The elliptical center of the piazza, which contrasts with the trapezoidal entrance, encloses the visitor with “the maternal arms of mother church” in Bernini’s expression.

Gianlorenzo Bernini was another well known baroque artist.He was  a master-sculptor,painter and architect.
One of his famous works the St.Peter’s Basilica
The  interiors of the St.Peter’s Basilica and the colonnades were designed by him.
The Interior Of The Dome
Unlike Borromini,bernini beleived in taking inspiration from Roman and Greek architecture, recognizing the grandeur of the ancient models and not slavishly copying them after all Baroque was just to impress !

One Response to “It’s Baroque Duh !”

  1. akila venkat October 24, 2011 at 6:29 pm #

    I have always flt that Baroque had too many details that sometimes it ruined the building! It made most of them look like wedding cakes! Its like they dint know where and when to stop with their artistic ideas!
    But this post is qute enlightening! Thanks Ash! Bring em on! 🙂

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