Win-Droid : How to get Android Apps on Windows?

18 Oct

The Android boy on knocking on the Windows?

Ever wondered how it would be if Android Apps and Windows go hand in hand? Fruit Ninja bombarding all sort of fruits on your Windows Tablet screen? Or using Pulse on your Windows 7 laptop? Well you are in luck, big time. BlueStacks has just released an alpha version of its App Player which allows you to run Android Apps on Windows Devices. A how-to after the break. . . . 

The fun part is that its easy and safe because it requires you to do no modifications to the original Windows OS. All you have to do is download the Alpha Player from here. Once you have downloaded and installed, just start the App Player using the Windows Sidebar. There are 10 preloaded Applications with Alpha version. I.e. Pulse, Drag Racing, Bloomberg, even Talking Tom 2 etc. Hit play on the video below to get a walkthrough of how to download and install and also see some Games and Apps in action. Oh btw this is the first time I have made a Video myself so any suggestions would be appreciated! 🙂 Do excuse the quality, but i think you can make out everything.

As shown in the video, the process is pretty easy. Download the software, Install it. Nothing new over here. GO to the sidebar and press on add gadgets. You should be able to see the App Player in the list of Gadgets available now. Just add it and you are good to go. Yes its that easy!!

As this is still an Alpha Version you can imagine this app is just going to get better. And until now it works just fine. You are allowed to install 26 more apps on top of the already 10 available. Though Games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja will be available later, but only to the ones who download the paid version of the application. You also get BlueStacks Cloud Connect in this App Player. You can


download the Cloud Connect on your android phone too from the Android Market and hence download and sync apps across your phone and computer even tablet using the Cloud Connect. That’s pretty neat I would say.

Getting some love eh Windows?!?

With the potential of having thousands of Android Apps and Games on your Windows Device is pretty appealing, wouldn’t you say? You can argue most of the applications available on the Android Market have been on Windows Platform for years, but hell having Android Apps on my Windows makes my Geeky-side go nuts. The future for BlueStacks App Player looks good with the Windows 8 gathering momentum. Now imagine having all the Android Apps on your Windows 8 Tablet. Pretty amazing is it not? One of the major hurdles for Windows Phone 7 or 7.5 (mango) is the number of Apps. Now if only BlueStacks manage to run Android Apps on it, things will start to get real serious. I can only hope for such a cross platform affair, until then I am happy to explore this one. What do you think?


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