iPod, iOS & iPhone – All you need to know from last night’s Apple Keynote!

5 Oct

So as I stared at the screen in the middle of the night, watching text and pictures flicker telling me about the greatest next gen technology to come from the house of innovations (liveblog, as apple do not allow live streaming of their Keynote) I wondered if this was Skynet in the making.  Here is a serious round-up of what you should care about from last night.

I am going to avoid talking about numbers here, I got bored while reading about them I want to spare you the trouble here. So lets start with ……


Its simple, Apple wants to cash in on the popularity of iPhone Camera. They want to supplement their amazing camera of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S (more on that below)with a card app which will allow you to make a card from the pictures you have clicked and even post it for you. Yes Apple will post cards for you. Want to takeover the world does it not seem? (and a little stupid while they are at it actually)

Funny Tweet : Is this the stimulus package American Postal Services needed?

iOS 5

Bring it on Android!!

1)      Notifications Center: No more annoying pop-up notifications. Notifications now available by swiping down from the top. A-la Android.

2)      iMessage – It’s the launch of BBM a new and innovative messaging service which allows you to connect to all i-Users. (its still BBM, as if we needed more of them)

3)      Reminders – Reminds you of stuff you need to take care of when you are around and near that area. Reminder app is now location-aware.

4)      Twitter- Integrated in the OS itself. Allows you to tweet and attach pictures and videos from the device itself. Without any App.

5)      Newsstand – It’s a subscription based service where you can subscribe to magazines and newspapers et al at one place. Something like the Kindle App.

6)      Camera App – Access the camera by double tapping the home button and bam, you are ready to click away. You can use Volume Up button to take a photo.

These are the ones you should care about. There are some other updates to Safari (tabbed browsing), Email App (rich formatting), Game Center (as if you care!) and Wire free updates (finally!). But those you can skip on. iOS 5 is coming October the 12th.

Funny Tweet : Did Apple invent time travel? Are they demo-ing it on us? This feels like WWDC all over again. #blastfromthepast (WWDC, June 2011 is when Apple announced iOS 5, people got bored this time around)


iCloud, hence the iRain!

Nothing great to mention about this one, iCloud allows you to sync all your data wirelessly on all of your iProducts. All your documents, photos and music can be synched with all your devices so no longer will you be left wanting to for the other device while holding some other one. 5GB free online storage for iOS 5 users. You can get (purchase) more if you want.

The new feature here is My Friends. You can share your location with any or specific number of friends for a limited amount of time. You can direct your friends to reach your home by just re-routing from your iPhone. They are obiovusly parental controls, so no freaky stalking allowed. Of course there is iTunes Match too.  The service which allows you to have all your songs on the cloud in a legit manner. The whole iTunes Match is explained in much debated detail here.


iPod line up! Miss the Classic dont we?

iPod Nano : 1)Improved UI, with the ability to swipe between apps rather than a grid of four.

2) Improved out of the box fitness apps and experience. Thanks to  Nike+ of course.

3) 16 new clock faces for the Nano. Yes they want the Nano to be a watch!

iPod Touch : 1) Gets iOS 5.

2) Gets iCloud.

Funny tweet : “3 out of 4 tablets sold today is an iPad.” The fourth one is a Viagra. #Lmao #iPhone.

iPhone 4S

Now we are talking aren’t we!? Well first things first, iPhone 4S is the same as the iPhone 4 in looks and feel. You hold them together, and from the front they look the same. Absolutely same. Except for the fact that it seems a little bit heavier, but apart from that everything else is the same.


                  iPhone 4S                  iPhone 4

Dual-core Apple A5

Apple A4


3.5-inch IPS 960 x 640

3.5-inch IPS 960 x 640

Primary camera

8 megapixel AF with flash and f/2.4 aperture

5 megapixel AF with flash

Secondary camera

VGA at 30fps


Video recording

1080p at 30fps, optional iMovie

720p at 30fps, optional iMovie


Hybrid GSM / CDMA “World Phone”, Bluetooth 4.0

Quadband GSM, pentaband HSPA




Orientation sensing

Accelerometer, digital compass, gyroscope

Accelerometer, compass, gyroscope

FaceTime video calling



SIM standard

Micro SIM

Micro SIM

Battery life

Up to 200 hours on standby

Up to 300 hours on standby


140 grams / 4.9 oz

137 grams / 4.8 oz.


115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3mm

115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3mm

What you should care bout?

1)      Twice as fast as the iPhone 4, thanks to dual core processor.

2)      Dual core graphics help with upto 7 times faster graphics.

3)      Almost the same battery life as the iPhone4.

4)      Download on iPhone 4S (3G) is as fast as 4G phones.

5)      GSM and CDMA both supported in a single phone

6)      New 8 megapx camera with amazing speed and better white balance.

7)      1080p HD Video Recording. (expect iPhone 4S movies for sure)

8)      Siri – Voiced Peronal Assisstant (oh yeah!!)

Funny Tweet : Samsung should sue Apple!! iPhone 4S is just like the iPhone 4!! Samsung Engineers want something new to copy. #ApplevsSamsung


If you are completely unaware of what this is, you better watch this video, it will enlighten you to say the least.

Siri in Action

Siri is a voice controlled personal assistant. It reads your messages, fixes up your meetings, replies to the messages. It tells you weather forecasts,  takes reminders and notes, sets alarm clocks for you, give you meanings and etc etc. All you have to do is to ASK HER! Yes that is correct, just ask her and she will give you the answers. Now this is not as revolutionary as you might think, there are apps which do this. The great part here is that you do not have to talk to her from a instruction manual, so just talk to her as a normal person. “Siri will I need an umbrella today?” Siri will check the weather, and advice you whether you should take an umbrella (depending on the rains) or not. Its that easy.

Apparently the relationship with Siri gets better as you interact more, it understands you voice and pronunciations better, knows what you mean by certain things as you move along. Siri does seem quite extra-ordinary. BUT I have my apprehensions, firstly because it is voice controlled, it would seem stupid to alter you talking technique because of your phone. It should be able to understand what you are saying, which has been a major roadblock for all other voice controlled apps. You would give up on it in a while if its not able to do what you ask it for. Secondly because its only voice controlled, no text input, it would be easier if we had a central AI where we could as the mobile to do something, anything, and it would do the rest. No need for you to go into dictionary app, to look for a word, rather just type into SIRI, or ask for weather forecast, right into SIRI. But nope, you cant! Its only Voice Controlled. Kind of a shame! Btw no Siri on iPhone 4. Yes, stupid as it may seem.

Funny Tweet : Apple to Competitors : Why so “Siri”ouss! Heath Ledger and Sirius Black just rolled over in their graves. #appleoutrageous #iphone4s #siri

Wrap up

The talking point of the keynote is the new Iphone 4S. Well many ( including me) are disappointed because, though there is a completely new phone, its still the same. The world has moved onto better and bigger things with 4” and 4.3” screens. A 3.5” display really does not cut it anymore, its small the moment you hold in your hands.

There is a lot going on under-the-hood here in the iPhone 4S, but what warrants the iPhone4 customers to go and the new one? Nothing. I mean Siri is fantastic addition, and I can only begin to imagine how its going to evolve into the first world-dominating AI (terminator anyone?), but its not a deal breaker. I am not even sure how many of us will actually use it in daily life. Its difficult to imagine yourself, to hold the button and say the instructions, then Siri will go and fetch them for you, while you wait. (you know how data speeds vary). It makes sense to use Siri while driving or exercising (like in the video), but day to day use is difficult. Unless Siri is that good and we get amazing data speeds to compliment it. Even so, Apple seems is taking it a little step back here, after leading the industry in every department. They are sitting back a little. They are following for once.

The Sweetest Deals!

Tushar Chhajed is going to the Tech2Geekup Meet today in Mumbai. Hopes to have hands-on with many tablets. Win some goodies too. tusharchhajed@gmail.com and twitter.


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  1. Kunal October 5, 2011 at 10:39 am #

    Superbly written!! Well detailed too 🙂

    • Linear Fix October 5, 2011 at 11:49 am #

      I agree, awesome post.

      • Tushar Chhajed October 5, 2011 at 12:01 pm #

        Hey Thanks a lot 🙂 ! Do keep checking back, i am sure we can keep u interested in a hell lot more!!

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      Thx Gautam! 🙂

  3. VIPUL October 8, 2011 at 10:09 am #

    yooo mahn !!!! dats wat m looking 4 “I PHONE” !!!

    • Tushar Chhajed October 8, 2011 at 7:25 pm #

      Dude! You keep changing your mind all the bloody time. From BB to iPhone.
      Anyway Thx for replying : ) …


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