New Facebook Updates : WTF!

28 Sep

Let me get right to the heart of the matter. I don’t like the new updates. ( I am not a huge fan of Facebook itself, but that’s a different, more personal issue.) Lets be serious, I liked the distinction between Top Posts and Recent Updates. People checked what they wanted to, and It was compartmentalised and good. Now though its all so mixed up, with top posts being at the top of the page and marked blue and everything. It gets irritating because the top posts marked are not anything I care about, yet they stay right up there until I do something about it.

Has Facebook started 'zucking' so much? take note : Mark Zuckerberg

I know this would sound foolish, but before if the same post was displayed on top of the page, it would not have been a problem. But now it displays as a “top and more important post” whereas I have not spoken to the concerned person for a whole year now. I would have liked if Facebook only allowed marking posts as important or starred, like you can in mails. Have a tab where you can view all your marked and starred posts, which would be nice and fun and gives more power to the user and not FACEBOOK itself.(you can even now star a post yet Facebook’s code will still try and conjure a new “top post” for you everytime)….

Mark Zuckerberg announcing the New Facebook Timeline feature.

Moving over to the new Timeline. I was actually going to post a how-to-get-a-timeline-for-yourself article, before I realised there are already a million of them online.(if you are really interested in getting the timeline feature before 30th September go HERE). I have not played around with it enough to give you a real detailed review, nor can I, because the whole point of it is sharing it, which cannot be done until 30th September. But personally I do not think much of it. I mean after the initial 5-10 mins of going through it and having a nostalgic blast-from-the-past, I was done. It looks really good and it will for sure catch-on. All the die-hard Facebook fans will love it and it will keep them busy for a while. The thing is, it’s a completely new feature and will take some time for people to realise how to go about using it, but will like it nonetheless.

I started having a problem with the timeline when one of my friends started having this great idea of ‘spamming me’ with posts. Now for the love of it, when I tried to view my profile to know how much I have been spammed, it got a little difficult. Timeline replaces your profile view, and it gets difficult to go about it when you have my problem. I was not at all able to find all the posts I was spammed with. I at that very moment switched back to my normal profile view, with a huge sigh of relief if I may add, and was able to scrutinize all the posts/spam. Timeline I think would be better if started off as a different feature completely. I get the point where people would like to have a readymade scrapbook with all their pictures and comments lined up nicely.

How Homer Simpson's Timeline would look like....

What ticks me off the most is the new ticker. (see what I did there?) I am not a tell-all, and I like to have control over things I want people to know about me. Though I am not a complete control freak, but the point is I like to have the power of what I can and cannot share. Sadly with Facebook it’s a all-or-nothing affair. With the apparent objective of having ‘friction-less sharing’, now Facebook lets everyone know whatever you are doing. The ticker is always abuzz with whatever people are doing, I mean whatever. All their comments and posts and putting up new pictures and everything can be seen real-time and let it be on whoever’s wall.  You would say it was there on your activities anyway. But before you had time to maybe restrict it, anyway it was not real-time, now the ticker gets updated every fricking second. It freaks me out.

Lets say you are using a music streaming app on Facebook. Before you had the power of sharing, you had to click on the share button to put it on your wall. Now with the ticker it just comes up anyway, you don’t have to click on anything specially to share it. Whenever you listen to a song it comes up on the ticker. Why would Facebook come up with sucha dumb idea? I have grown up with tough friends. They would disown you if you heard the wrong kind of music (one of them would do it even now). I might say I am listening to Foo Fighters while actually I might be listening to the Jonas Brothers or Justin Bieber or the Spice Girls. (as if.) The lie would be caught. I don’t like that. I want the power to share and lie.

A normal Facebook User

I know for a fact that I am not going to be on Facebook so much that the changes will really affect me. But Facebook is not bargaining well to make me want to comeover more. Anyway these are some serious concerns I had with Facebook. The ones who like being there and share, you should really watch out. Oh btw don’t even try telling me that I can tune my security settings, I tried. Getting to understand those settings would require books and notes and burning the midnight oil. Sorry Facebook. I am so not interested.

Have an opinion?


P.S. : Hate the Facebook Ticker as much as I do? Get Rid of it completely. Download and install a Chrome Extension from here and just refresh your Facebook page. Stay ticked free. Sorry IE and Firefox users nothing that easy for you. Though you may visit this page to know more.


Tushar Chhajed misses work and office badly. Though he is aware of more pressing matters at hand which need immediate and continuous attention. He thinks things might get interesting in October. To stay abreast and to know more mail him at


4 Responses to “New Facebook Updates : WTF!”

  1. Ankita Mishra October 12, 2011 at 7:42 am #

    Totally agree with you
    Fb should also provide the option to toggle between both profiles(let the user decide)
    but they wont as private data=money for facebook

    • Tushar Chhajed October 12, 2011 at 7:48 am #

      Power to the User? Ha! Thats a joke with Facebook. I mean since last couple of weeks apparently all of my friends were not able to write on my wall. For reasons beyond me, i read and re-read all the privacy settings. But then i had to forego of some settings which i wanted in order to accommodate my friends, though it had nothing to do with Wall Writing. Do not know what Facebook is doing here. Rather than being more transparent, they are becoming more ambiguous by the day.

      Thanks for sharing your views! : )

  2. Payal Gudia Bafna October 12, 2011 at 7:46 am #

    Totally agree with Ankita
    Fb should also provide the option to toggle between both profiles(let the user decide)
    but they wont !!

    • Tushar Chhajed October 12, 2011 at 8:30 am #

      Hell they wont. Sometimes Facebook seems a little too sadistic in nature. Lol.

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