An independent Indian Film– Na Bhuto, Na Bhavishyati

25 Sep

My friend Vijay Shanker, who is a very talented actor, along with his two friends are planning to make their own independent film titled Na Bhuto, Na Bhavishyati!

The story revolves around Sunder, a simple, street smart boy who comes from a remote village in UP to Mumbai in search for a job. In Mumbai, he is attracted to the glamorous lifestyle of celebrities, politicians, and the so called Spiritual Gurus. He gets inspired by these gurus and wants to earn the quick buck and live life king-size, which he knows is not possible in a low paying. 9 to 5 job. So he comes up with a business plan–

“I can bring any of your family members from the dead, if you are willing to pay. Just Rs. 2 Lakh. Cash only”

And in a country where 85% of the population is led by blind faith, it might just work.

So what does baba tell those non-believers?

Na Bhuto, Na Bhavishyati!

You can visit for more information on the film.

Video promo

Now I will let Vijay do the talking

Once upon a time there lived a no-gooder called Manish Anjarlekar and another no-gooder called Vijay Shanker. However, both of them came together and just like two negatives make a positive wrote a kickass script for a Hindi Comedy film.

The problem was Manish wanted to direct it and Vijay wanted to act in it. A credible choice considering both had enough experience doing so. However, the producers they went to had a problem with that. They “loved” the script though.

Now, they have a rather nice guy (Artha Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd.) who is willing to provide his studio for the complete post-processing of the film for a cut of the profits (lucky he!).

SO, the funds required now are for the shooting of the film. How much do we need? Let’s just say we are going to shoot with whatever we can get till the end of October. Please be kind and help prevent the catastrophe “India’s first iPhone film – Na Bhuto, Na Bhavishyati”

Visit our site help us, save us! We’re pretty sure that there is a place reserved in heaven for those who support indie films where you’ll get to hang out with the likes of Satyajit Ray and Stanley Kubrick.

We also need a creative (a highly underrated word) team for all areas. If you are currently spending more than 50% of your time smoking pot and blaming the world (for not appreciating your true talent), or just simply blaming the world: join us!


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