New TV show which is the rage – ‘The Voice’

22 Sep

I am not really a fan of reality shows on TV. Hell, I don’t even watch television that much. I had seen the ads for ‘The Voice’ on AXN while surfing channels and thought this was just going be another one of those typical singing shows like American Idol, X-factor, Indian Idol, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa etc. Though the singers may have got lot of talent on these shows, the format of these shows and the drama(especially Indian) on them totally put me off. I had not watched one singing show since the first season of Indian Idol. So not even the presence of Adam Levine (vocalist for Maroon 5) on The Voice did nothing to dispel my apprehension about this show. How wrong I was!!

For once, all the judges are proven musicians and singers; Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine are 3 time Grammy awards winners, Christina Aguilera has sold 50 million records worldwide and Blake Shelton is a Country singer who has won numerous awards in that segment. So the format of the show is something like this –

Team Christina. Her finalist was Beverly McClellan on the extreme right.

“Each judge selects 8 singers from the blind auditions ( they have their backs to the singer). Once they turn their seat, they select the person. If two or more judges turn their seat, then the choice is left to the singer whom to join. After that there are 4 one-on-one battles within each judges’ team and every judge has to nominate one singer to move forward. Within that first live round, the surviving four acts from each team again compete head-to-head, with public votes determining one of two acts from each team that will advance to the final eight and then the judge nominates one more singer to move on to the final eight.

In the final phase, the remaining contestants -Final 8, compete against each other in live broadcasts. The television audience and the coaches have equal say 50/50 in deciding who moves on to the final 4 phase. With one team member remaining for each coach, the (final 4) contestants compete against each other in the finale with the outcome decided solely by public vote.

Team Blake. Dia Frampton, sitting on his left was the runner up

I randomly watched this show one evening when I had nothing else to do and I was totally hooked onto this show. The singers are super talented. And they are accomplished musicians too; they can play guitar, piano etc. The audience voting is kept to a minimum right up till the last stages and even then the judge has the choice to nominate someone who might be a great singer but may have not got the required votes. And the one-on-one battles are freakishly awesome. Like both the singers are so good, you are thankful you are not the one making the call to eliminate one of them.

Yes the songs are covers of more famous musicians. But these guys totally give it a new twist and make it their own song. (Check out Dia Frampton’s version of Kanye West’s ‘Heartless’. The video doesn’t do justice to the live performance). All the judges are mentors and they make sure their ‘proteges’ have the best guidance and know what they should be doing to improve. Quite unlike Anu Mallik who was trying to be a desi Cowell. Even the singers are no novices either. Some of them have had albums produced too. For the finale, the last 4 singers have to sing a song written by themselves.

Team Cee Lo. His finalist was Vicci Martinez on the extreme right -my favourite singer on the show

I have been mesmerized by some of these performances and can’t stop gushing about the show. The second season premieres in the USA in February. Hopefully, India will have the show a couple of months later.

I won’t say much but if you want to listen to new talent, then this is the show. Especially if you are bored of American Idol.

Team Adam. Javier Colon, the winner of the show is the one behind him

p.s. You guys will probably not see all the videos in this article. But do put it down for later. You won’t be disappointed.

Some of my favourite performances:

Dia Frampton covering REM’s ‘Losing My Religion’. I love the way she says “corner”

Vicci Martinez singing Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’

Beverly McClellan singing B.B King’s ‘The Thrill is Gone’. I wish I could have got a video of her performance. She is a livewire on stage.

Javier Colon, the winner of the first season singing his original composition ‘Stitch by Stitch’.

p.p.s. I wanted to put the performance videos here, but couldn’t find videos with decent quality.


Kunal Pawar wishes he had learnt finance properly so that he could manage his expenses better. He was very happy with Chelsea’s performance this past Sunday and is convinced that Torres is going to star this season. He has found out some new places to hang out at and is currently trying to find  people to go with. If you are interested mail him at Also the number 23 holds a special significance for him.


2 Responses to “New TV show which is the rage – ‘The Voice’”

  1. andybhat September 22, 2011 at 11:28 am #

    When did the auditons for the show start?
    Why wasn’t I called(as a judge)(An apt example of racism on their part )
    Man, I must have kept my cell on silent mode 😛

    Hearing a certain someone say “corner” apparently gives my intelligent friend a boner.

    Anyways nice article; keep up the good work

    • Kunal September 22, 2011 at 12:06 pm #

      When are you going to write an article for us? It’s high time more people suffer you see! 😛

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