Rise Of The Planet Of The Shopaholics

18 Sep


Who among us doesn’t wish to own everything we see in the market today?
I for one end up begging (or bugging, whatever works) my parents on a monthly basis for all the new gadgets or games that hit the market – Yes, I still leech their money.

Be it shoes or clothes or maybe a new car, whatever your poison; you know you’re not happy till you splurge your (or your parent’s/significant other’s) hard earned money on the latest, shiniest or fastest thingamajig. The age of the Shopaholics is here, and the end is NOT near.

If you’re convinced that you’re a shopaholic yourself, just take this simple test. Think back to the last time you visited the supermarket. How much of the basket goods did you really need? And how many were just space fillers; I’m looking at you, chocolate bars and random carbonated soft drinks.

Walk through a shopping mall and let your mind wander. If you were to write down what you were thinking, it would go something like this – Look at those new headphones! They could replace the ones I threw in the washing machine by accident! I need them! And that jacket in the Adidas outlet; it’s never too hot for a new jacket! Never mind that winter is months away. And the latest iPhone iteration? Why not?! Etc, etc, etc.

Buying on impulse is now second nature to most suckers, eh; I mean consumers. Buying has now become a question of status; buy it, flaunt it.
It’s part of a new vicious cycle. See, like, buy. Repeat.

There is no one to blame per se but it’s not hard to point a finger at the malls that are springing up, like an uncontrolled wildfire all over the world. There are countries where food and water is in short supply but God forbid if there isn’t a mall around! Makes one marvel at the warped sense of priority being developed today.

Hanging out in malls is just such a standard nowadays that you’re more likely to find an empty park than an empty Levis store that is on sale. Those displays look so good it feels criminal to not try on a pair of jeans at the very least; and you can never have enough jeans right? 5 minutes later you walk out of the store with a bag in hand and realise you never needed to buy anything in the first place. Ring up another one on the register Toto “Ka-ching”.

Meet Toto. He’s smarter than you

Is it ultimately human nature to want what we don’t need? Or perhaps, in this world we live in, happiness is equated to one’s ability to purchase it. The maxim ‘you can’t buy happiness’ may soon be of no use to us; because we sure as hell seem to be fooling ourselves.

Now excuse me while I pore over this month’s latest game releases and ponder what to waste my money on next. Oh goodie!


Pirzan Turel knows he’s in trouble now that his social life is more complex than math classes in engineering college. Just doesn’t pay to wake up on some days. Referring to himself in 3rd person is something entirely new to him, attempted only by corny comic book villains; but he decided to give it a shot anyway. Also, he recommends Captain America to comic geeks because the best part of the movie comes after the credits. To find about his latest shopping escapades, you can mail him at pirzan6@gmail.com


One Response to “Rise Of The Planet Of The Shopaholics”

  1. Mashaal September 18, 2011 at 4:20 pm #

    Today’s world IS too superficial /:

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