My favourite 3!

10 Sep

My three favourite works!


Decontamination.This phase, I go through all the bloody time.Something unlikely happens and then isolation seems like the only option.Soon I realise it’s working against me and try to know what’s really bothering me and find peace.Most of the times I realise I should let go and be okay and understand that only good things don’t happen so I do that.Also i change.If i find something not so good about myself,i try losing that quality.I somehow relate this phase to a tea bag :D.Can you spot a tea bag in the painting?

Innocence is the best feeling

Innocence is such a sweet thing.It is that little space between knowing and not knowing.I tried making the face seem like water since water takes the form of any container.I don’t know if it makes sense but that’s what I thought about while painting this.Also i was inspired by the song ‘Innocence’ by Avril Lavigne.I incorporated the lyrics of it as the background.

This was done for a competition and the theme was Environment.

OK!i know it looks crazy for to be considered ‘environment’.But read up!
I’ve personified environment to be a lady as humans are superior and prominent among all living beings.why a lady?she’s the creator.I’ve incorporated the four basic elements which make the environment-air,water,fire,earth.she’s crossed her arms over her chest seeking protection.Her innocence has made her vulnerable.

The background is of all building and airplanes;The most intelligent minds on earth are aimed at achieving this kind of environment.Every time i go bird watching,it turns out to be airplane watching.
P.S there’s space left uncoloured.This is so guan and yin make peace!:)

2 Responses to “My favourite 3!”

  1. Prathik John September 10, 2011 at 11:55 am #

    Beautiful !!

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