Townscape – A look at everyday Mumbai’s architecture

5 Sep

In my fourth year elective, Urban Design, we had learnt on how to observe public spaces and the influence of a structure on the fabric of the city.

Many call Mumbai  an unplanned city with settlements mushrooming wherever there is provision for growth but I say otherwise. I enjoy the various layers which the city has to present with it’s unexpected turns into narrow gullies and the plethora of life sustained within them. Though today we are not talking about the city in whole, we are going to learn about the various factors to look out for while perusing along the familiar streets of V.T.

This was a case study  with reference to terms often used in urban design.


The backdrop of the city fabric against the sky usually viewed from a distance in the sea.




Provides a sense of place and direction .There is an element of sky and the object should be complete.e.g The fountain and The Gateway of India



Axial view

A view that leads to infinity where the skyline is open.

We began the journey from the foot over bridge. Earlier the view of the clock tower at Crawford market was visible from outside the station but today it is visible only from this bridge, the trees have hidden the view.




The building is oriented in order to deflect the viewer towards the direction of a road.




The skyline is enclosed



Element of surprise

The unexpected presence of a tall building in a narrow street .


2 Responses to “Townscape – A look at everyday Mumbai’s architecture”

  1. confusedyuppie September 8, 2011 at 10:22 am #

    and here i though most of mumbai was an unplanned hotch potch-thanks for revealing is architectural side

  2. Ayishwariya B September 10, 2011 at 3:19 pm #

    thank you

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