Metal Mayhem at the Razz

1 Sep

All photos marked ‘indiecision’ are property of NH7 and Indiecision. These photos have been clicked by Naman Saraiya

Lineup for the evening:

1. Goddess Gagged

2. Bhayanak Maut

3. Demonic Resurrection

4. Scribe

I saw on Facebook that NH7(do check out their website if you care about Indian rock) who organised the Weekender festival in Pune last year had arranged an announcer party for the 2011 edition of the fest at Razzberry Rhinoceros. Well for people who don’t know, Razz was the only place in Mumbai that played host to Indian bands till it shut down in 2007 and bands like Zero, Scribe etc found their calling on that very stage. So yes being a newbie to the scene I was all excited to see what the fuss was all about especially since Razz was being reopened after a long time.

Loud and clear

As none of my friends were ready to come, it was one of those evenings where I had to go alone. But Swati, a friend of mine decided to come to the gig from her office at Nariman Point so at least I had some company. After getting drenched in the rain, having a donut and seeing off my friend who was going out of town, I rode my bike till Juhu and arrived a little after 8 pm. What followed next was 4 hours of sheer madness!!

The gig started with Goddess Gagged. Well, the place is not that big, can get kind of cramped up if too many people are there. But being such a small space, you are closer to the music and can feel the thump in your nerves.  Goddess Gagged is not really a metal band so only one song of theirs ‘Visionary’ has people heading to the mosh pit. But they make amazing music and they played one of my favourites ‘ Dreamer’.

Siddharth Basrur of Goddess Gagged. Photo is property of indiecision

Next up was Bhayank Maut and they really got the place mad. With songs like ‘Ranti Nasha’, they made the whole place into one huge head banging melee. I am not such a big metal fan, but I was jumping up and down to their songs to the point that my body ached for 2 days thereafter. Vocalists Vinay Venkatesh and Sunneith Revankar are powerhouse performers and it’s a feat as to how they can keep those growling vocals coming again and again. These guys are amazing  performers and if you want to really get moshing and going insane attend their live gigs!!

Bhayanak Maut

There was a small break in between, where Demonic Resurrection was trying to set-up their equipment. Swati got high on cranberry juice -her new poison and we got some fresh air outside. Soon DR started playing. I am not a big fan of this band and I really thought they were going to break the flow and their first couple of songs just validated my hunch. But soon they started playing some good songs, creating intricate music and interacting with the audience which is so necessary. They had some funny stories to tell. Plus it is one of the very few metal bands in India to have a keyboardist. That certainly added a different dimension to their music. They set the tempo for the last act of the evening – Scribe.

Demonic Resurrection

Scribe are firebrand performers!! They really know how to play a live gig. For their entrance, it was pitch black with just the white Bacardi logo screen in the background. Then the song which starts off with ‘Dheena Dhin Da, Dheena Din Da’ is the cue to their entrance. They come onto the stage and just launch into the first song. The vocalist, Vishwesh, is a multi talented performer. He can growl, sing clean vocals, squeak and what not. They played crowd favourites ‘ I love you Pav Bhaji’  which is actually just a recipe for making Pav Bhaji  made into a metal song, ‘Dum Hai Toh Aage Aah’, ‘1234 dracula’ which starts off with the words “Gunda banne ke liye…danger dikhna mangta hai”. They also played Street Archana v/s Vice Archana for which they create an all female moshpit, which is a first I have ever seen! Swati went in too and came back with a blow to the nose though she proclaims she had fun!

Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy of Scribe

In between they performed covers of Lostprophets and Korn. At the end of their performance, they got a guy to climb to the first floor and jump from there. They claim that very guy had done it a few years before at Razz.

Ready to jump off

This was by far the most insane and fun gigs i have been too. Plus the whole thing was free dammit! I still don’t listen to metal much, but would always be ready to go for a live gig. On a parting note, one thing that new bands can learn from their illustrious peers, is how to connect with the audience. All the bands interacted with the audience, cracked jokes, told stories.  And inspite of being famous, they still did not hesitate to play a couple of covers. It helps to break the monotony

Crowd surfing!

Scribe covering Korn’s ‘Somebody, Someone’.
Kunal Pawar is going to be attending two gigs in two days this weekend. Since he will be getting his salary, he will be blowing it up pretty soon.

7 Responses to “Metal Mayhem at the Razz”

  1. Swati September 1, 2011 at 9:20 am #

    Raanti writeup dude! Thanks for the mention too…

  2. Kunal September 1, 2011 at 3:48 pm #

    Thanks Swati! Hopefully more memories at HRC this Sunday 🙂

    • Shaktii KApoor's biggest fan September 5, 2011 at 12:13 pm #

      איזה שטויות, hrithik רושאן של קוי מיל גאיה כותבת יותר טוב ממך;

      pawar סרקסטי, הזמן להרים את הרף, ואני הייתי סרקסטי כאשר עשיתי טעות

      • Shaktii KApoor's biggest fan September 5, 2011 at 12:15 pm #

        Decipher this and you win the Bumper prize:
        I will continue spamming on this blog:P

      • Kunal September 5, 2011 at 3:03 pm #

        Just for you, I used Google translate 😛 and it’s Koi Mil Gaya’s Hrithik…not Hrithik’s Koi Mil Gaya 🙂

  3. Shaktii KApoor's biggest fan September 6, 2011 at 3:41 am #

    Fine, I give up (White flag)
    I acknowledge that I am beaten fair and square

  4. Shaktii KApoor's biggest fan September 6, 2011 at 3:42 am #

    I was just being sarcastic in the previous comment:P

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