GG or imba shit?….that is for you to decide!!

31 Aug

This post has been written by a special friend of ours, Aniruddha Phanse.

Loading screen picture

I had been looking forward to this moment since a long time… a moment when change came to the gaming world.

I myself became an amateur (or actually noob-like) gamer since we got a PC at my place…right from pacman to dave, at a time when I couldn’t even comprehend the vastness of games to come, and the gaming world to emerge. Soon after years of playing games over and over again, I got to know of a game called as DOTA…now what was this dota? I had no clue, and as a matter of fact, I thought it was highly over-rated (mostly because I never got to play it for many years). But as i played this wonderful creation, i realised the vastness of the gaming experience right there in front of me.

Vengeful Spirit

The “Defence of the Ancients” was –is—like a ‘side-track’ game under the latest warcraft campaign, The Frozen Throne. Its gameplay was made entirely based on the components of the frozen throne, right from the terrain to the ‘HEROS’, all were taken from the campaign Frozen Throne, but the game which was created, knew no bounds. DOTA was addicting for eons and I just couldn’t comprehend the amount of possibilities existing in the game. Later as i grew, i realised that each Hero was a part of an intricate system, which the team had to make, in order to win.

Dazzle at secret shop

Each component was necessary, in considering each hero. The amount of heros grew with each new version of the map introduced, as well as the possibilities, which kept making the game more and more balanced. Today, i feel, as a gamer, very few games are balanced, and those which are, are not as vast as Dota.

Take a look at the trailer and you will understand why I am all excited.

Change came to this, the gaming scene saw a new light, and lo! DOTA 2 emerged! DOTA had been made by the tools existing in the campaign all these years…but i knew if a game like DOTA was made on its own, with its own engine, as an independent game, anyone would get Goosebumps! Valve corporation has finally done something in life, and came with a new, and supposedly more powerful version of DOTA. DOTA 2 is not a sequel to DOTA, but as Valve says it, it’s like a complete reboot of the game. I always thought dota 2 would be a far cry, even if people started to think on creating a new version of dota, but all that crap was replaced by hope to play the game, when valve announced The International DOTA 2 Championship, which was held last month. The best DOTA teams in the world were asked to compete in this true battle, but these teams had to play on the DOTA 2 map!! The winner was also turned out to win 1 million dollars!!! This really gave all of us DOTA players hope, that the game truly might be worth it.

As i researched into the gameplay of this much awaited game, i found out many a things. Firstly. Obviously, the original dot map was preserved, but the graphics had improved many a times. Much like HoN, but even better (as far as the gameplay pics were concerned). Each Hero was developed, and given a new appearance, but based on the dota 1 appearance, also had new spell textures, but the skills andabilities remained the same. The beta release, which i heard to be at the end of the year, was supposed to have a limited number of heros, but the true release is supposed to have 105 heroes, as opposed to 104 dota 1 heroes. There is one new hero which all of us await.

DOTA 2 Screencap

Finally, there came a big punch to the face, when we learnt that you had to pay to play at steam, after making a steam account. That was just pure nonsense. Like if i was in their place, i would want to let the whole world know of the game, and not make money an issue, but then things can’t be helped…
IGN too announced the following, making the game even more desireable:-

“DOTA 2 won the IGN People’s Choice Award 2011, officially the world’s largest videogame awards after a total of 258, 367 votes were cast during Gamescom 2011. Both event attendees and people at home had the chance to participate.

DOTA 2 beat the other 24 candidates and eventually pushed and kept out about five to six other game titles that momentarily held the lead
31.12.2010 is the much awaited date, told by many sites, but i feel its going be a little longer than that.. so until then, all dota players and worshippers, it just cannot be that far!

Blood seeker




Aniruddha Phanse studies at BITS-Dubai and hates it to the core but not the people. In his spare time, he will be mastering the skills of sword fighting or playing some new game. Back in Mumbai, he has all of 4 friends who he can count on. Apart from being a social outcast, he can really hold his drink. If any of the girls find him interesting, you can mail him at


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