Photos from Azad Maidan and Mohd. Ali Road

28 Aug

My friend, colleague and ex- manager, Nikhil Bangera decided to go to Azad Maidan to check out the protest against corruption, as he stringently refuses to pay bribe, except the one time in his life. After clicking some photos there, he went to Mohd. Ali Road which any gastronomic in the city will tell you, is the place for the best of Ramzan delicacies, with people of all religions converging there after sunset to feast on the food. Enjoy the photos!!

I expected the entire Azad Maidan to be swarming with people but turns out that the area allocated for protests was a small ground in one corner of it. There were still over a thousand people there!

Loud and clear

Signature campaign. But you couldn't make out one signature from the other, like it was all one big signature - intentional?

People lighting candles in one part of the ground

Next stop – Mohammad Ali Road!

Adding the final touches to Sandaal -- it tastes the same as Appam but has a layer of cream on top

Ramzan crowd

Hyderabadi haleem - mutton cooked over a low flame for 12 hours and topped with fried onions, coriander, and a big dollop of ghee. My new best friend 😀

5 is the price of juice being sold at the shop pointed to by the arrow below 5

Every non vegetarian's dream come true

Malpuas (we had it with Rabri) and Firni

Happy faces at a bread shop

Standing still in maximum city

So there you have it. Some of the photos from last weekend. Hope you enjoyed them


Nikhil Bangera is an avid traveller and photographer. He has been on numerous treks and has gone on a bike trip to Leh. He writes a blog and uploads his albums on Picasa. You can spam him at or stalk him on Facebook


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