Ann-Like Hazare – A different opinion…

23 Aug

Respect the Tricolour!

Not an avid writer,  but ANNA filled newspapers coupled with the torrid defeat the Indian cricket team suffered in England has left me with nothing else to do. And what better topic to write than the much beloved ‘Jan Lokpal-bill’?!


I watched a  plethora of people supporting , waving flags, wearing Nehru caps and chanting anti corruption and anti government slogans. The sight of an ocean of people flocking the roads was similar to the scenes post India’s euphoric world cup win just a few months back. A Kalmadi and a  Raja definitely got them to do, what the Indian Cricket Team took 27 years for.

With most of the 1.3 billion Indians glued to the T.V. sets watching ‘ANNA HAZARE’- the modern age gandhian fall giddy due to an empty stomach, I got curious about the bill and as a routine google’d to smother my curiousness and the answer i found was rather astounding.

And to add to it the lack of clarity and information on the bill in the minds of most of them flaunting Indian-ness and patriotism got me anguished. Democracy gives you the power to protest but at the same time the protests should be knowledgeable and informed.

Team Anna!

Is making lokpal a law really gonna help India grow? What about poverty ,unemployment, inflation, food shortage and thousands of other such problems, we as a nation are facing? Is Lokpal going to end all of this?

What about the 70 year old lady selling vegetables roadside who bribes the BMC officer for Rs 100 just to earn some money to buy half a litre of milk for her family?

What about the government servants who work for Rs.5000/month salary in a nation where Per Capita GDP income is close to Rs.50,000/-. In a nation where seeing your child become a doctor will cost you about a crore of rupees.

Do all these and many such problems end just by stopping a few corrupt officers and bureaucrats?

Is an independent committee, having quasi-judicial powers which may backfire, the solution?

Is giving the now famous Arvind Kejriwal or a Shanti Bhushan the powers similar to that of the Chief Justice of India gonna solve all this?

With Jan Lokpal Bill the whole point of democracy is beaten. Democracy which fundamentally epitomises decentralisation of powers and India being its biggest example will be bending over backwards to pass this bill. But with Jan Lokpal Bill (the version of bill wanted by Team Anna) the concentration of powers enjoyed by the Lokpal committee will be unparalleled. Forming a secondary Government is not what is required, it just gives rise to more opportunities for corruption. We need to keep the existing Government in check.

Worried? He must be!

Why hold elections where a billion people vote and choose a Prime Minister and then doubt his integrity in the immediate future. Where is the vote of confidence then?

Introducing the Lokpal Bill for the janta is definitely a step in tackling corruption but induction of the same in a hurry may make matters worse. It’s not only the people who are accepting bribes but also the people who are giving them; It is you, It is me.

A government of some thousand people cannot reform the nation of a billion people in a few years. A nation where more than 30% of the population is below the poverty line, unable to earn even Rs.10 each day.

I am not against Anna and his troops who are trying to do something very noble, but i am definitely against their unrealistic demands. ” With or Without Anna ” India definitely has the potential to kick butt. Taking up the issue is crucial but taking it up in a correct and phased manner is imperative.

It’s time to change just ourselves and a few people around us. It’s time to rethink and reinvent ourselves. Shouting slogans and Singing Vande Matram won’t help unless we learn and teach others to help each other.

Nitin Pokharna.

A Heartfelt Common Man


Nitin Pokharna apart from being a Chartered Accountant and a budding enterpreneur is a die-hard Bollywood fan. On the threshold of a new “kind” of  life, he is trying to enjoy every moment now. To know more about his opinions on life and the post, feel free to mail him at .  He also is part of and urges you to check it out, register and provide feedback.


5 Responses to “Ann-Like Hazare – A different opinion…”

  1. poojitha August 23, 2011 at 12:15 pm #

    This is so well written!

    • Nitin August 24, 2011 at 4:35 pm #

      hey thanks a lot! 🙂

  2. abhay August 23, 2011 at 5:26 pm #

    True poxy ! I totally agree what you have written !

  3. Nidhi August 24, 2011 at 1:31 pm #

    A different perspective, sure, but this opinion had rather come accompanied with a solution. Amongst issues like poverty, inflation, unemployment, food shortage etc., corruption too is one. I think the aggression we see today is justified even if 10 or 20% of the corrupt population at least hesitates or feels guilty when bribing or being bribed, in the future, whether or not this bill is passed. Other issues do exist, but when it comes to such a huge population, you require this kind of aggression to make even an inch of a difference, coz all these years, when people hadn’t put their foot down, India’s just become more and more infected, right? Issues can to be tackled not all at once.
    Corruption has only encouraged desirers to get what they desire for than for deservers to get what they deserve. And if this gets sorted even to a small extent, you never know it might eventually make some difference on a wider front.
    I don’t think I want to be against what’s happening right now, coz this will definitely have a huge percentage of people at least come out of the ‘chalta hai’ attitude.

  4. kukkumol August 28, 2011 at 8:02 am #

    This is victory for truth. Calling it as victory for Sri Anna Hazare will be under rating the whole issue. Now at least our new generation will understand the power of truth…SATYAGRAH… and will not think the movement of Gandhi as story. Anna has demonstrated the power of TRUTH….POWER OF SATYAGRAH. Hence neither the Govt. has lost nor ANNA has won. It’s the victory of TRUTH and all are welcomed to join this new changing situation for a better future for the country as a whole. There is also message for separatists…. be it JK or northeast or any other part of the nation. If the issue is right…they will be listened by all and will be supported by all so they should take SATYAGRAH in place of violence. May be in fasting also few will die…but they still are dyeing in the path of violence.

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