Console Wars : New & Upcoming Consoles!

10 Aug

Well it has been forever since I played some games, not because I have outgrown them or anything. I really do not think there is anything such as outgrowing games. It is just that you lose touch or you have too many other things to do. But honest to god, playing games is much more than just fun. The way you can involve and immerse yourself in a game is amazing. You cannot help but admire and feel stunned by the detailing and designing of games. The sheer thinking process required behind every game and level and fabric used for a character is mind blowing. All of us at one point of time have played games. The Road Rashes, Marios even Dave (I remember trying to play Dave under my teacher’s nose in school). But now gaming is not just that. These days games are lives. MMORPG’s (Massively Multi-player Online Role-Playing Games), RPG’s have taken over the gaming industry by storm. World of Warcraft (WoW) and Defense of the Ancients (DotA, Warcraft III) are games where people make friends and enemies for life.

But now there is another change in the offing. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are passé. There are 3 new toys in town.

Nintendo after a really good start with the Wii suffered slowdown in sales and Game Titles announced on their platform due to the lack of processing and graphic crunch in their system. Even though their USP was motion gaming which held its own at first, but serious gamers were not impressed. Nintendo missed a point here. The gaming industry even though appeals to many, only a particular group of people (aka Gamers, Geeks, Nerds) drive them. They are the ones who write reviews and pre-order games, stand in lines to get a poster and buy gaming merchandise. They are the very core. But none of them imagined themselves getting off the couch and move around like their gaming figure. They want to sit (sink) into their couch, have beer, curse their team mates and play some serious games. Nintendo realized this loop hole and have come up with Wii U!

Nintendo Wii U

Is it Wii? Is it U? Its Wii U!

As weird as the name is, the console itself is not run of the mill either. Keeping up their tradition of thinking out of the box Nintendo have come out with something rather ……. different. With a tablet like controller, Wii U really is taking it to the next level. One of the biggest feature of Wii U is that you do not need a TV to continue your game. Say you are playing Mario Universe at home on your big kickass LCD. Getting late for something? No issues just pick up your tablet controller with you and you can resume your gaming on the tablet itself from the exact spot where you stopped your game on TV. Neat is it not! And these are just one of the many ways you use the controller. You can even do video calls and take pictures from its camera, you can even browse internet. See the Video to know more!

Its not Wii! Its U!

Even though Nintendo does not have the same horsepower as Sony or Microsoft, they still do manage to surprise us.

Though there are many skeptics even for Wii U, lets hope Nintendo comes through this time just for its sheer innovation. It launches in 2012.

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS!!

Even though PlayStation Portable is what you only hear about in India, Nintendo DS did put up a worthy fight in Japan, China and even in Europe. Though in the States PSP just had to win again through Sony’s Brand Value and also on the PlayStation 3 bandwagon. Nintendo DS really stands out with its weird design and even gameplay. Two screens give you loads of different and enjoyable gaming sessions and it gives developers much more room to develop interesting games. Now with 3DS Nintendo brings the flavor of the season “3D” to the DS. And with backward compatibility with DS and DSi, you can be sure there will be takers for this console. Personally I think it lacks a little oomph factor, the design of DS for me has always been clunky and thick and not something you can show off. In todays world when design and ergonomics of the device are as important as the OS itself, it feels is a little short. Hopefully it can compensate it with the 3D screen and compatible games. Review by Engadget. You can also buy Nintendo 3DS in India here.

PlayStation Vita

PS Vita!! Oui Mama Sita!!!

Sony has just announced the highly hyped and talked about PlayStation Vita (PSP 2). The portable gaming world is just about to go crazy. It seems Sony has not held back in any way here. Vita has every sort of input you can imagine. It has both left and right analog sticks, the normal action buttons, 5 inch Touchscreen, six-axis motion sensing system and… wait-for-it… a rear touch pad. (You need to see the video to understand the sheer magnitude of this thing). The whole gaming industry (including me) are looking forward to this OLED clad device. It has got everyone sit up and take notice. The gameplay videos going viral across the internet are nothing short of a visual treat. This baby really packs a punch. Oh did I mention it has front and rear cameras a GPS, wi-fi, 3G and a mic? Ah well not so important anyway I guess. It launches in 2012.

Console Wars is really big thing. Even though there are 3 competitors in the market, Xbox and PlayStation have drawn ahead from Nintendo in last couple of years. Hence the need to breathe a new life into Nintendo’s console. But even now on technical aspects, Nintendo has just played catch up. Xbox720 or PlayStation 4 it seems will pack much more punch than Nintendo already has. Wii U does seem interesting and intriguing, but in someone else’s hand. Nintendo has failed to make me save for Wii U. I am excited about it, no doubt. But more from a point of view of a technological enthusiast not as a consumer. And consumers are what Nintendo needs. Sony it seems is heading for another hit. But Console Wars are certainly heating up. Let the Games Begin!


Tushar Chhajed has gone into hyper retrospection and future planning mode. His fingers still bleed due to excessive nail biting, his bag still has too many wrappers, he still dreams of mastering the guitar. He believes his time has just begun. To know more about his quest to conquer himself and info about the blog, drop a mail at

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2 Responses to “Console Wars : New & Upcoming Consoles!”

  1. An i P (@an1k3t) August 10, 2011 at 3:29 pm #

    Portable gaming is dying a slow death; gaming consoles still tend to pack a punch for those with time. And money. Probably due to the high influx of smartphones & multipurpose devices which support high quality gaming apart from their usual functions.

    The Vita doesn’t really bring anything new to the table (unlike the Wii U), most of it’s features have existed in the iPod/Zune for years now. It just might appeal to hardcore gamers, but isn’t that an extinct cult already? Maybe the handful few left are the one’s, like you said, reviewers & people with loads of time & money to spend. Just a few days back i suggested my friend buy an iPod touch 4g rather than a PSP. It makes sense. You don’t need to pay extra for gaming titles, it’s easier to carry, it’s got brand backing, and it never fails to impress.

  2. Tushar Chhajed August 17, 2011 at 5:42 pm #

    I agree to the fact that handheld gaming is certainly slowing but i dont think its dying as of yet. But yes its slow as of now. Microsoft is not even interested in entering this market says a lot. Yet i still think there is scope for this. See this is the age of one device which does all. Sony missed a point with the PSP phone. It sucked. It has graphics which came out with original PSP. They should have really brought this phone out long back or should have waited to integrate it in VITA itself. I understand that it makes sense to buy an Itouch rather than a PSP. But picture this, if Sony could infuse the Walkman technology into VITA. Price it very aggressively. With just gaming as its USP, it kinda falls short. But with Music and games they might be able to get more people interested. I know i would. But then again, people thought that camera phones are dying with phones these days being integrated with 720p video recording and higher. Yet there is still lot of demand of cameras. The entry level ones have suffered. But cameras still hold their own.

    The consoles are not dying or slowing down anytime soon. The numbers speak for themselves. There are a lot of serious and casual gamers who love consoles. And gaming on smartphones has not and never will cut it. They are not exorbitantly priced either.

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