The green spirit

6 Aug

The other day I was just cleaning my room and found almost a hundred empty paint bottles.I didn’t want to throw them away,I wanted to somehow use them.I thought for a while and came up with 3 simple ideas!


Lavender lights

Make my Lavender lights!Lavender lights are little candle delights that’ll take that frown off your face on one of those midnight electricity blackouts.

They’re really easy and fun to make.

  • Select a think glass paint bottle and clean it throughly.Do not use the plastic kind for obvious reasons!
  • Get some wax beads from the market or just melt an old candle along with a little piece of lavender crayon.You could add any colour,it’s just that I like lavender candles :D.You can also use candle gel instead of wax.
  • Cut a strand of thread and tie it to a tooth pick while the wax/gel melts.
  • Pour the melted wax/gel into the selected bottle (make sure they are clean and dry)
  • Place the tooth on the rim of the bottle so that the thread settles to the bottom of the bottle.
  • Leave it overnight to set.
  • Once it’s set,take out the tooth pick and trim the thread.

That is it!

Lavender lights


Salt and Pepper!

The paint bottles make great salt and pepper holders.There is a problem though,I haven’t put anything underneath the cap so if the bottle is not standing, little of the salt and pepper will escape 😦 .I’ll  think of a solution and post it soon.

To make these salt and pepper holders:

  • Clean two identical paint bottles throughly.
  • with a compass make 3 /2 wholes through a cap for salt and 3/5 whole through the other for pepper.

Fill the bottles with salt and pepper and they are ready to use!



You bought a couple of earrings or something for your friend but are worried about the packing? these paint bottles can help you!

This is how:

  • Clean the bottle throughly.
  • With a glass liner just cone out flowers or whatever design you desire and leave it to dry.You could also just write your friend’s name on it.
  • After the liner dries use glass paints to fill the area and leave it to dry.
  • paint the cap using poster paint.

That’s how simple it is.You can also pass thank you notes or sweet notes through these bottles..just write down the message on a paper strip and put it inside the bottle and give it to the loved one 🙂

All in all!

I hope you enjoyed the post! If you come up with a solution for the salt and pepper holders let me know 🙂


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