The Macxperience

3 Aug

So i was handed a Mac laptop and an iTouch with specific instructions, to “Pimp them up.” Now being the apparent tech-savvy guy, I am under the obligation of accepting all challenges involving gadgets. So obviously I could not say “But I have never used a Mac, so I do not know shit about how to use it.” Yes i know, i call myself a technological enthusiast, I blog about it and here i am saying that i have never EVER used a Mac. I am embarrassed.

So anyway back to the pimping, I started with downloading games and applications for the iTouch, which frankly any 8 year old can do provided he can get his hands on a credit card in order to register for an Apple ID. Apparently 8 year olds these days can do a lot more, as i soon was about to find out. Next on the agenda was to download a Media Player which played .avi extension files, i “hooked” the Mac upwith VLC Player as usual. Though a little old it still is quite trustworthy.

Now the difficult part, firstly after i managed to install and make VLC play, i ejected it from the desktop. (Am just telling what i did, i have no idea what ejecting anything from the desktop means or does). Apparently it vanished from everywhere, VLC did not show when i right clicked on the .avi file and chose Open With. When i tried to locate
through Finder (My Computer of Mac) i came up empty handed. Next i had to copy all the Music from iTouch onto the Mac without letting anything happen to the collection of both. Now i am not going to comment on the forced Syncing that Apple enforces. But it does suck to the very core. Moving on. I had to find a software which would facilitate the objective. Well i found a video explaining how to go about the same. The video was shot by an 8 year old Justin Bieber wannabe. Respect. After much hullabaloo i managed to accomplish everything by the end of 6 hours.

My first brush with a Mac thus was an exhausting and enthralling experience. Macintosh though quite fluid does have its nuisances. You cannot maximise any window to the screen width. Now it might seem a small thing, but it is not. You are made to scroll too much because of this. It maybe because the fact that we are so used to Windows and how it works, but getting used to Mac is really difficult. Finding VLC after being ejected is still a mystery. The question everyone kept asking was “how is the Mac different to justify its price?” Well i started with what it has but then i was lost on how it’s better than Windows. It looks and feels better than laptops from other companies though. The design and make of the Mac is unparalleled. I have never used a laptop for so long without feeling my lap feeling warm and sweaty due to the laptop heating. Mac was cool as hell. Apple cannot be questioned about their engineering and design of the device. It’s brilliant.

This was my first Macxperience. Tell me yours.


Tushar Chhajed right now is trying to distract himself with anything and everything he can. Music, Sitcoms, Loud friends, Mean friends and Slutty friends, all of them are helping in the cause. You can try for the same by mailing him at .


2 Responses to “The Macxperience”

  1. An i P (@an1k3t) August 16, 2011 at 4:04 pm #

    Chhajed, you do not need necessarily need a credit card to create an apple id ( Have been using one without a CC since 2008; only downloading free apps obviously. Wonder what would happen if i try to buy an app.

    As for the Mac vs. Windows, we folks here in India probably have difficulty (at least initially) using the Mac cause we’ve grown up using bluudy Windows through and through. Wonder how different it would have been if we would have started our computing lives with a Mac.

    • Tushar Chhajed August 17, 2011 at 5:29 pm #

      About the fact that we can make an Apple ID without a credit card, well i seriously did not know that at all. Because all my friends who own either a Itouch or an Iphone complain about the fact that they cant register without having a CC number. I should get back to them about this.

      And i completely agree to the point of Mac vs Windows. Yes we have grown up using Windows, and yes things might have been different if we grew up with MAC or atleast the option of having one. But we did not.. So now what do we do? Right now it seems too much of a transition.

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