so you don’t choke later.

9 Jul

Reduce!Reuse!Recycle! We all know and understand the three Rs of the Environment,but how much of our understanding do we put to practice?

You would be surprised when you realise how simple it is to follow the three Rs.

Some of the basic things to do would be to:

  • use liquor bottles or soft drinks bottles to store water instead of buying new plastic bottles.
  • use Jam jars as containers.
  • reuse the carry bags.
  • buy a refill instead of a new pen.
  • use worn out clothes as dust cloths or stitch a table-cloth out of it or something.(a friend of mine made an old pair of jeans into a bag!)
  • melt the overused candles and make a new one.
  • use the other side of old one-sided documents/projects for rough work.
  • use shoe boxes to store stationary or socks or something.

The list is never ending!You just have to think and look out for alternative uses.

I saw a polyethylene bag lying on the floor and thought about the three Rs.viola! poly jewellery!

I had somebody teach me how to make a flower with polyethylene cover a long time ago.So i made a flower, stitched it to a pretty ribbon.i had made a simple 60’s choker!

choker!so you don't choke later.

How did I manage to make that pretty thing?

Throw a ear!All you need is a polyethylene cover,toothpick/matchstick(just a small stick),needle and thread(the transparent kind is perfect),a fancy crystal(optional).

Step 1:Place the toothpick under the poly sheet.

Step 2:Wrap the poly sheet over the toothpick and cut it where the toothpick ends.

Step 3:Repeat the first two steps three or four times depending on the size you want and stitch all the layers at the bottom so that they are intact and then you can either take out the toothpick or cut it small so that it's not visible.

Poly flower for you!

stitch the flower to a ribbon(long enough to go around your neck)

Choker! Add a fancy crystal to the flower(just stick it with some glue or stitch) if you want that extra glamour!

You could also fix the flower to a stick and put it in a nice vase OR fix the flower to a bobby pin for a floral hair clip OR fix it to your hair band or hair tie OR fix it to a safety-pin and use it as a brooch!

Hair clip


You don’t have to be an environmentalist to follow the three Rs.Just be more sensitive to the environment than you now are 🙂

With these poly accessories you can now be fashionably eco-friendly!


4 Responses to “so you don’t choke later.”

  1. Prathik John July 9, 2011 at 8:04 am #

    hmm.. flowers. can u think of anything for the guys too?

  2. poojitha July 9, 2011 at 9:27 am #

    i’ll try and think of something

  3. Lester July 10, 2011 at 3:05 pm #

    Hey that’s some good piece of info I could use. 🙂

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