Google+ or Google- ?

6 Jul

Google+, it’s the new guy in town(Social Network). Facebook (Self Proclaimed Sheriff) might just have a new vigilante of sorts to deal with. Mark Zuckerberg (CEO and Co-founder, Facebook) though will tell you he is not sweating over this one. Like all the other so-called masked vigilantes – orkut, myspace, ibibo (yes it’s a site alright!) etc, Facebook will survive and outlive El Goog’s new service. Yet he knows better. He will be going back to his drawing board and put in another useless 18 hour coding session(seen Social network, the movie anyone?) Then come out of it and call Justin Timberlake and yell at him for doping. According to Justin Timeberlake, he acted so well in The Social Network as Sean Parker( founder of Napster and advisor to Facebook in early years) that people have forgotten the real Sean(who doped and got fired) and that he deserved an Oscar. Mark will curse the Winklevoss twins for no good reason and then get to some actual work. (Please get those twins some candy, apparently Mark chucked them out of Facebook without giving them any)

Google+ is Google’s newest foray into Social Networking. Orkut (another of Google’s projects) has failed miserably to catch up with Facebook. It had some early success in India, Brazil, Indonesia but lost ground in rest of the world and eventually in its primary markets as well. Facebook on the other hand has been growing stronger and stronger with no real competition in sight/ site.(Myspace has plummeted like anything, a suicide of sorts)

Make no mistake, Google is serious about Social Networking this time, they feel left out and knowing Google they must have something real good up their sleeve (I myself have yet to receive an invitation to Google+, so this is an outsider’s view completely, I will review the site when I get the Entry Pass). I am not sure if there is enough space for two HUGE social networking sites. Facebook and Twitter offer and cater to different needs and purposes, even though broadly they are social networking sites, they cannot be compared directly. Google+ is directly positioned and designed to attack Facebook. Why not, Facebook these days acts as if its ruling the world with its oh-so ambiguous privacy settings and security issues. It was time Facebook got a nice spanking (not the naughty one) from someone, and who better than Google themselves.

Mark Zuckerberg (CEO, Facebook) in his happier days!

I am not going to talk about who is going to win this race, I am just going to point out some plus and minus of having Google+.


  1. Facebook finally gets a nanny! Mark was having too much fun with no supervision! Its time he was given some treating with the rod.
  2. Google already has millions of registered users on Gmail, Google+ will only be a new service they offer to the same users. Its like     being offered some Extra Chocolate Sauce on your regular Mocha, why the hell will u say no?!?
  3. Right now Google+ is on invitation only basis. Which means one of your friends needs to get an invitation from someone to join it after which you might get one. (Do not forget to offer him Mocha with Extra Chocolate Sauce, always helps!). This feature gives Google more time to iron out the rough edges of the site and also the ones who accept the invitation already have friends on the site, without whom Social Networking is useless.
  4. Google+ excels where Facebook falters. Google+ main feature is +Circle. It allows u to compartmentalize everything and everyone very easily. So u choose what you share with which group of people. (You can finally get rid off them gawkers).
  5. It will probably make Facebook rethink its privacy and security settings. Google+ on the face offers much more customization and flexibility in an easy manner. Maybe it will push Facebook to go that extra mile to please us. (You Dirty Minds! Not please I meant satisfy, oh Damnit! Stop the Nonsense!)


  1. One more site which can create serious problems with your prospective/existing/ex point of interests.(Bf and Gf) You know what I am talking about! Don’t act naïve.
  2. It induces voyeuristic behaviour. One more site where people will talk about every damn thing of their life. I really do not want to know so much and neither do I want to tell.
  3. Google+ and Facebook encourage sit at home and +Hangout (it’s a feature of Google+) with friends through internet. This either renders us or them or both useless.
  4. I have gone back and forth about using Facebook also, the emergence of another Google+ seems like a new headache in the making. Sometimes its best to shut down. I hope there is a option in Google+ which says “Leave me the Hell alone!”. If yes, I know which site I am going to prefer from now on.
  5. From the looks of it, Google+ even though offers some greater flexibility yet it does the seem like the same old wine in a new bottle. It offers nothing groundbreaking and innovative. Just add a Google fix to Facebook and you have Google+. If I may add, it seems like that, I am yet to dive into the site and measure its depths. Expect an in depth review as soon as I get my pass.

Social Networking was introduced to facilitate networking in an easy and convenient manner, rather it has turned into an e-life of sorts. Your life is considered to be incomplete if you do not have an account on one of these Social Networking Sites. It has become a necessity rather than an accessory in life to be on these sites. It is necessary that we realize and acknowledge this fact and act accordingly, either take a step back or be conscious of the fact that these things are becoming way too important in our lives.

Try thinking about this for once, Do not Log in to your Facebook and Twitter account for a whole week. Haunting is it not? But try it, tell me if you come through!! See you on the other side…

Fun Fact :  The most followed Google+ user in the world… is Mark Zuckerberg


Tushar Chhajed in his productive time bites nails and plays guitar till his fingers bleed. In his not so productive time he writes, blogs and walks. Sometimes even sober while doing so. To know more you can mail him at or follow him on twitter.


One Response to “Google+ or Google- ?”

  1. anushreejazzz July 6, 2011 at 3:35 pm #

    I notice there is no place to post statuses or messages to people on google+.
    Why do we have google+ if there is already something called Buzz?
    Now apparently picasa is a part of the plus. I don’t get why I would log into plus when I can chat through my gmail, with the same contacts..

    I don’t see what the whole fuss is about.
    P.S. You are on my plus profile pic 😉

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