Hello Yellow!

2 Jul

Sometimes it is nearly impossible to come up with a new design/idea.What do you do then? You could play really loud music and forget all about it or you could get inspired from something as simple as a safety-pin and swirl an idea around it. Nothing beats the beauty of simplicity!

You could also take something you are insanely familiar with or even unforgettable memories as your inspiration.

What do you do after you finally come across an inspiring theme? Of course you have to turn it into a new design/idea but how do you do it? Develop an inspiration board! Inspiration board also called as mood board is nothing but a collection of your mental ideas and visions of the theme.It’s something that you can keep referring to while you work.It becomes the source for new ideas.

It is good to have a visually strong inspiration board as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.But you could also just jot down words that relate to the topic.All you have to do is brain storm.



As a child I have had the best times during the monsoons.This inspiration board in a compilation of pictures  that remind of  memories that I so fondly treasure.

I would just sit by the window and stare listening to the rain hitting hard on the roof.The water drops on the tips of the leaves seemed like liquid diamonds.The gulmohar flowers,orange and pretty set that needed contrast to the grey blue skies.A funny little yellow umbrella i would carry, to put down paper boats.That spice that would set my tongue on fire as i bit a bhaji..i feel the burn as i write.The foggy car windows!I would wait till it got really moist up to scribble something.It’s one of those things i have to do in the monsoon.

NEXT? Identify the significant elements from your inspiration board,the shapes,the colours,the line quality,etc. Once you understand the essence of it all,focus on what kind of product you want to develop and make some rough sketches.

Rough sketch

Rough sketch

NOW Just polish the rough sketches, render them and there you have a decent illustration of your new idea! when you render you should be sensitive to the material that you would want the product to be made from.Choose the medium accordingly.

My product being dresses inspired by my monsoon memories the perfect material being some soft chiffon and cotton I choose to use water paints.Water paints give that soft blurry texture and are my favourite art medium 🙂

Grace the rains.something for the red carpet.

Grace the rains.something for the red carpet.

Grace the rains,a nice flowy gown inspired by the shape of the Gulmohar petal and the hue of the tender leaves.Soft chiffon could be dyed and draped accordingly.The upper part is simply a corset contrasting the delicate chiffon layers.

make some paper boats!

make some paper boats!

Make some paper boats, a look inspired by the whole activity of making paper boats.It’s something you could wear for a lunch party.The shape of the frock is influenced by that of a paper boat and the pattern, by the ripples.Dull pink,mauve and yellow seemed liked the perfect colours.

So you see, finding inspiration is not that difficult after all and a simple compilation of your visions (inspiration board) makes it so easy you will wonder why you considered it to be difficult.

Hello Yellow!Hello Creativity!



2 Responses to “Hello Yellow!”

  1. john July 2, 2011 at 7:24 am #

    The idea of a mood board sounds really interesting, but the thing is, the more pictures i look at the more distracted i get. what do i do know? how do i concentrate on just one thing?

    • poojitha July 2, 2011 at 9:30 am #

      When you brain storm you do come up with a lot of keywords or pictures which can be distracting.What you need to do then is,select the pictures that stand out,eliminate pictures that might seem smiliar.Let the pictures be as distinctive as possible though they are theme related.
      Selection of pictures according to a certain colour scheme might help though it depends on the theme.
      Hope this helps 🙂

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