Bloodywood – One of the best albums of 2011 so far

30 Jun

Bloodywood is the 4th studio album released by electro-rock heavyweights Pentagram in March 2011. According to their website, “Bloodywood encompasses all our friends. Everyone we know who works in music, or film, or television, or theatre or art, who is looking to do something unique, individualistic and expressive. Basically the album is a sonic slice of the other side of Bombay, India, Or as we like to call it, Bloodywood.” And with 14 tracks that will appeal to your heart as well as your mind, this could well be one of the contenders for ‘Album of the Year’.

Disclaimer: Not a professional review. And the album is best heard on loud!

The album opens with ‘Identify’ where the thump of the drums just hits you with Vishal screaming ‘What’s your name/Where you from’. The song encourages  the listeners to do something that makes them stand out from the crowd. A great track when you are driving at  80kmph on a free road! Shiraz on drums is exceptional on this entire album.

‘This could get Ugly’ starts off  hauntingly (atleast for me). I didn’t know quite what to make of this track.  I had to really listen to it 2-3 times to develop a liking for it. Probably a break up song, where the love still lingers. Pentagram makes sure that this song doesn’t drift too far intro melancholy lane. A simple ‘This could get ugly/Just not between you and me’  says it all doesn’t it?

‘Mental Zero’ starts with such an (different?) electronic sound you know that something crazy is round the corner. This could well be one of the most requested songs to be played live. I just think they drag the track a bit too long.  But you will definitely be tapping your legs when you listen to this track. ‘Tomorrow’s Decided’ could well be a sequel song to the very popular ‘Voice’. With lyrics like For too long you and I been quiet/watching and waiting to try it/ rise up now, rise up/set your sight’s up/ then tomorrow’s decided you know for sure the message Pentagram are trying to give through this song.

‘Lovedrug Climbdown’ could well be a stalker’s song! (no just kidding). Passionate obsession? Yes this song has that and more. I just think the song is a little weak when compared to other songs on the album

Album cover

‘Paper Toys’ is my favourite track on this album. I take time getting used to electronica in general but this song has a certain crescendo to it that gives me the goosebumps. Plus it is a very optimistic song.  Your silver lining in the dark cloud that you are trying to find? This song might just help you on your way. ‘Paper toys got that feeling again/ Feels like everything is gonna be washed clean’. How can you not love this song?? 😀

‘Human Feelings’ is one of the most intensely personal songs on the album.  And one that shouts out ‘This is me and I’m not perfect’. A decent track with a small guitar solo put in between.. ‘Must I’ is my favourite after ‘Paper Toys’. I would love to hear this one live because Shiraz owns the song with his drums (check section at 2.30)!!.

I love the song ‘ In my head’. All four members have a chance to showcase their skill on this song and they take it to a whole new level. I especially love Vishal’s vocals on this one. ‘Technology (I get you)’ is not one of my personal favourites for a very simple reason that I can’t remember the tune later on. ‘Let Go’ just hits you in the face. I can’t describe it any other way.

Randolph’s guitar creates a nice little distortion and actually sort of blends in with the drums without overpowering it on ‘No 2 ways’. ‘Nutter’ is an insane track that you would love to jump around to. Don’t think, just hear and dance to it!

Nocturne is a fine ending to a very enjoyable album. This one again is sure to be requested a lot at Pentagram gigs. With a nice little chorus, Nocturne will undoubtedly be many people’s favourite track on this album. The whole album is about the other side of Bombay and nothing sums it better than ‘streets clear up/phones are quiet/like the calm before a riot’

So what’s my verdict on the album? Definitely go buy the album. The digital version is available at Rs 100 or you can buy the physical copy on Flipkart for around Rs.170. The CD comes with a booklet containing pics of Pentagram in action with lyrics to their songs. I listened to this album twice to really like it. Give it a listen and I am sure you won’t be disappointed

Pentagram is one of the very artists to have a CD release for each of their albums and with ‘Bloodywood’ they have once again proved that when it comes to creating good music, Pentagram are up there with the best. Now I only wish I can see them live!

Pentagram is,

Vishal Dadlani – Vocals

Shiraz Bhattacharya – Drums

Makarand ‘Papal’ Mane – Bass

Randolph Correia – Guitars


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